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Charles Crowe

1/7/06: Russell Crowe, Danielle Spencer with older son Charles at the ‘The Wind In The Willows’ pantomime at the Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia. See more pics here:  SOURCE

Maggie Gyllenhaals interviewed on her daughter Ramona: "I used to be left alone, but with my pregnancy it changed, with something about the climate of the world and all the tabloid magazines it’s changed, and also with Ramona being born … »» Read the article

The Best Kind of Hero

My best friend sent me this picture in an email. I was so touched by it, I just had to share it with all of you. Human compassion at it’s finest! He may not be a “celeb” by Hollywood standards, … »» Read the article

Maxwell & Hope Garrett

1/9/07: Brad Garrett, his son Maxwell & daughter Hope arrive at the 33rd Annual People’s Choice Awards.

Mariska Hargitay

1/8/07: Mariska Hargitay accompanied by Kurt Graetzer, chief executive officer of the Milk Processor Education Program, unveiling the latest Got Milk? ad on the National Mall in Washington.   SOURCE

1/8/07: Ashton, Demi & Tallulah

Cute Pic of Teri & Emerson

Zahara at the beach

Sally & Calista

Celebrity moms Calista Flockhart and Sally Field are on "Brothers & Sisters." Sally tries to zip through scenes quickly so Flockhart can get home to son Liam: "We talk about Liam (5) a lot. Calista and I will look at … »» Read the article

Camryn Manheim on son Milo

Camryn Manheim is currently on the t.v. show "The Ghost Wisperer." Manheim states: "In order to honor single mothers in particular and working mothers all around the world, I have to say, the television industry is particularly compassionate to mothers … »» Read the article

Adam Sandler with Sadie (7 mos)

Mariska & Augusts “ET” caps

Teri Hatcher & Emerson

Rosie with daughter Chelsea

Patrick Dempsey

12/15/06: Patrick Dempsey out cruising. Patrick is one of our favorite dads! Patrick and his wife Jillian have a daughter Tallulah (5), and are expecting twin boys in Spring of 2007.

Geri Halliwell with Bluebell (7 mos.)

Supermodel mom Niki Taylor

Supermodel/mom Niki Taylor exchanged vows with NASCAR racer Burney Lamar. Taylor and Lamar were only engaged for four months before they walked down the aisle. Niki has twin sons: Jake & Hunter (11) with first husband Matt Martinez.