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Diaper Bags Of The Rich And Famous!

Every lady loves a purse. Celebrities love them even more. They can afford as many as they desire and any kind that they’d like. To some, purses are a status and style statement wrapped up in a carryall. These handbags … »» Read the article

Favorite Celebrity Baby Strollers

If you had oodles of disposable income and you could buy pretty much anything and everything, what kind of baby stroller would you spend your cash on? There are a slew of choices out there – from the practical and … »» Read the article

Are They Too Old For That? 4 Ways Celebrity Kids Cling To Security & Comfort

Celebrity kids need security. And I’m not talking about large and strong men who are part of their security detail. I’m talking about their emotional security. One way these Hollywood kids seek comfort is with the array of inanimate objects … »» Read the article

Playtime: What Dolls Do Celebrity Kids Play With?

Kids? They like dolls. Yours, mine and that A-lister you read about here, there and everywhere. If they’re a child, there is a doll of some sort, somewhere close by. And on occasion we get to see what beloved stuffed … »» Read the article

Meet Hollywood’s REAL Karate Kids

The martial arts seem to be all the rage these days, and this summer the pastime will get even hotter. Coming this June, the remake of the 80’s teen hit Karate Kid will be hitting screens everywhere. Starring in the … »» Read the article

5 Most Girly-Girl Celebrity Daughters!

Celebrity girls are just like ours. There are tom-boys, girly-girls and those who don the standard issue jeans and t-shirts. They run the gamut from dressing in pink tutus to dressing just like dad. But the ones that really steal … »» Read the article

Celebrity Moms Who Didn’t Wear Maternity Clothes

Most women, when carrying a baby in their belly, are forced to rely on specialty clothing. Apparel made just for the pregnant woman, that large sized genre called maternity wear. But some woman, due to their fitness regime, their genetics, … »» Read the article

What Maternity Leave? 5 Celebrity Moms Who Rushed Back to Work After Birth

Usually after a woman gives birth, they take time for their bodies to rest, recover and for them to adjust to their brand new baby. Six weeks, two months, five months, even a year is pretty normal for a working … »» Read the article

How Did These 15 Celebrity Moms Get Back in Shape?

After having a baby, one of the last things that you probably want to do is work out. Having a newborn is physically draining enough! Most moms can’t commit that much time to regaining their pre-baby shape, if they ever … »» Read the article

5 Celebrities Who Raised Their Kids Away from Hollywood…For Part of the Time At Least!

Movie star parents know what’s up. They’ve seen the way that Hollywood can hurt a family. It is a land of temptations. Just watch any LA based reality show like Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Hills and you’d … »» Read the article

Will Celebrity Kids – Who Are The Paparazzi’s Prey – Pay a Price Later In Life?

It is hard to imagine being the offspring of an A-list star, let alone a B-lister or even a C-lister. Not only would you always be thought of as “Fill-in-blanks” son or daughter but your identity would forever be interwoven … »» Read the article

Coldwater Canyon Park: The Playground of the Stars

Do you have fantasies of scheduling playdates with the rich and famous? No, no, not for you but for your kids and theirs. If you happen to live in the Los Angeles vicinity or if you just happen to be … »» Read the article

5 Star Moms Who Are Up For An Oscar!

This weekend the dresses will be donned, the hair will be done and the sitters will be called. Hollywood moms will be getting dolled up and hitting the red carpet for the 2010 Academy Awards! And some will be seating … »» Read the article

5 Celebrity Dads Who Take On The School Run

We all know, generally speaking, that mothers do far more than their fair share of parental duties. From dinner to diapering, moms usually end up having to do more kidcentric tasks than those dear old dads out there. So, it’s … »» Read the article

They’re Just Like Us – 6 Stars Who Do Their Own Grocery Shopping

A big part of being a mom? Going to the grocery store. Once upon a time, when you were fancy free, you had the option to eat out every morning, noon and night. But once you have kids, that kind … »» Read the article

Brad & Angelina – Their Homes, Hotels, Chateaus and Palaces.

You can say one thing about that Jolie/Pitt family. They can not sit still. They are modern day nomads, gallivanting across the globe. This week Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and all their kids temporarily left their rented Venetian Palace for … »» Read the article

7 Reasons Suri Isn’t Like Your 3-Year-Old

There are many reasons why Suri Cruise isn’t like your average everyday three-year-old, she just happens to have superstar parents, she’s uber rich and she gets to travel all over the world. But there are seven more day-to-day reasons why … »» Read the article

Going For The Gold: 6 Super Moms Competing In The Olympics

A pregnant Kerri Walsh was spotted at the party for Heidi Klum’s Lavish and Loved maternity lines recently. The two-time gold medal winning Olympian is due with her second child in May 2010. Her first son Joseph was born in … »» Read the article

Love Is In The Air: What 10 Celebrity Couples Are Doing For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romance. But when you have kids, finding the time to have some quality one-on-one interaction with your significant other or acquiring that perfect gift can be an epic challenge. Us mere mortals can find … »» Read the article