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Christina Aguilera Is Still Wearing Heels!

Christina has had one baby shower, but an insider tells, “Christina will be having a second baby shower at the Hotel Bel-Air with just her friends.” The same source apparently also said that, “Christina has a C-section scheduled for … »» Read the article

Christina Bares It All In Marie Claire

Christina Aguilera bares it all in the January issue of Marie Claire magazine. Here are some highlights from the interview: On trying for a baby “We were planning on starting to try after the [Nov. 2006-May 2007 Back to Basics] … »» Read the article

Christina Aguilera At The ‘Rock The Vote’ Party

Christina Aguilera strikes a pose at the ‘Rock The Vote’ launch party in Beverly Hills. Flynet

Christina Takes The Family To Dinner

Pregnant Christina Aguilera goes out to eat with her family. The boy in the back of the car is her younger half-brother Mikey. Also with them but not pictured were her parents, Jim and Shelly Kearns. Flynet

Christina All Dressed Up!

A very pregnant Christina Aguilera is looking great at the Juicy Couture store opening in Beverly Hills on October 6. Apparently she had six inch heels on! Could you imagine?? X17online spotted Christina and Jordan shopping for boy clothes the … »» Read the article

Christina & Jordan Shop At Fred Segal

Christina Aguilera has a some great maternity outfits. I’m so jealous, I literally wore these hideous tent like clothes. She was spotted out on Nov 3rd, at Fred Segal in Hollywood, with hubby Jordan. Flynet

Christina & Jordan Run Errands

Pregnant Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman are spotted running errands yesterday. Flynet

Christina Aguilera & Husband Furniture Shop

Pregnant popstar Christina Aguilera goes on a shopping spree with hubby Jordan Bratman in Beverly Hills, CA. They visited a couple of different furniture stores, looking to furnish their new home in Beverly Hills, CA. The latest news is that … »» Read the article

Christina Shops At Bel Bambini

Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan Batman do some shopping for their baby at Bel Bambini in Beverly Hills, CA. It’s hard to tell what exactly they are looking at, I think it may be a stroller. Whatever it is, it’s … »» Read the article

Christina Aguilera Shopping For Baby Gear

Christina Aguilera has been spending her spare time shopping for baby supplies. She seems so excited! Apparently she was trying to pick out a baby stroller, but couldn’t decide on one. I really like her maternity style! Ughh, my maternity … »» Read the article

Christina Aguilera & Husband Jordan Shop For More Baby Supplies

A fashionably pregnant Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman go shopping at the exclusive boutique ‘Petite Tresor’ for more baby supplies. Rumor is boy, but don’t you think girl? Flynet

Christina Aguilera Registers At Bel Bambini

Christina Aguilera, husband Jordan Bratman, her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law, picked out items for her baby registry at the boutique Bel Bambini in in West Hollywood on Saturday. A store employee told People, “She looked beautiful,” “She had a little … »» Read the article

Christina Aguilera & Husband Jordan at The El Rey Theatre

Pregnant Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan head into the El Rey theatre on 10/3/07. Flynet

Christina Proudly Shows Off Her Belly At The Emmys

These pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Blonde bombshell Christina who is due this winter with her first child flaunts it on the red carpet! What do you think of her look? Flynet/Yahoo

Xtina’s Baby Joy!

Christina was happy to see her nephew niece and greeted him her with a big smooch-It’s got to be pretty good to have an “Auntie Christina.” The smiley mom-to-be shopped with hubby Jordan, Jordan’s brother and his baby in Beverly … »» Read the article

A baby bump is spotted!

Finally, a form fitting shirt that shows off Christina’s baby bump. She may still be mum, but it’s all too obvious now. I guess she feels since Paris Hilton’s big announcement that she can let it all hang out. For … »» Read the article

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman hit Fred Segal

Christina Aguilera, and her husband Jordan Bratman do some shopping at Fred Segal in West Hollywood today. Christina’s father Fausto Aguilera, confirmed his daughter’s pregnancy last month, but the pop star is still reluctant to talk about it. Come on … »» Read the article

Christina Aguliera shops in Beverly Hills

Pregnant Christina Aguilera gets decked out and does some shopping in Beverly Hills. Flynet

Christina Aguilera goes furniture shopping

A pregnant Christina Aguilera, hubby Jordan, half brother Mikey and mom Shelley do some shopping for furniture. I think the woman with Christina is her mother. Flynet

Pregnant Christina, Jordan & brother Mikey

Christina Aguilera, husband Jordan, and Christina’s half brother Mikey out on Melrose, you can see the two big bodyguards that stay close to the trio. More pics of Xtina here. Flynet

Christina Aguilera goes to dinner with her family

Pregnant Christina Aguilera goes out to eat with her family. She is pictured with her younger half-brother Michael. Also them were her parents, Jim and Shelly Kearns (behind them.) Flynet

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman go to dinner

A platinum blonde Christina Aguilera, who is 4 months pregnant went out to dinner with husband Jordan Bratman in Santa Monica, CA. She doesn’t look too happy in these photos, I’m sure it has something to do with being followed … »» Read the article

Christina Aguilera incognito

Pregnant Christina Aguilera and her huband Jordan Bratman do some shopping in Beverly Hills, CA. I don’t think I would even know that was Christina if I bumped into her. Flynet

Christina Aguilera’s cravings

Pop star Christina Aguilera has been mum when it comes to the pregnancy rumors, but she recently fueled speculation when she filled up on Krispy Kreme donuts [a possible craving?] on a recent visit to Australia. In case you don’t … »» Read the article

Pregnant Christina Aguilera performs

Christina Aguilera shows the crowd her bulging belly during her first Australian concert for her Back to Basics tour in Perth, Australia. She is due with her first child in January. Splash