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David Caruso & Son Out Getting Pumpkins

With Halloween approaching fast, David Caruso took his son, Marquez, who just turned three last month, to the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch to pick out a pumpkin today. Photos: SCOTT/CHRIS/

David Caruso & pregnant girlfriend Liza

David Caruso, 51, gives his girlfriend Liza Marquez a kiss after doing some shopping on Lincoln Road in Miami. Marquez recently annouced she is pregnant with the couples second child. They have a son Marquez, 1. CREDIT:KADENA PRESS/BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM

David Caruso’s son

David Caruso and his girlfriend take their son, Marquez, 15 months, for a stroll in L.A. on Dec. 11th. Source-US Weekly