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Eden & Savannah Mahoney get Baptized

Marcia Cross and husband Tom Mahoney take their almost 4-month old fraternal twins Eden And Savannah to the Trinity Episcopal Church For their Baptism on Sunday. The dresses are beautiful-so are the babies! Most Wanted/Flynet

Marcia, Tom & twins

In the spirit of Bree Hodge the always “Perfect” looking Marcia Cross, 45, and husband Tom Mahoney take 4 month old twin girls Eden and Savannah to Peet’s Coffee, on Montana Ave. Tidbit: Did you know that Marcia graduated from … »» Read the article

Marcia, Tom & the twins

Marcia Cross, and husband Tom Mahoney take their twins Eden and Savannah, 2 months, out to meet some friends in CA this weekend. They look so relaxed and happy!

Marcia, Tom & Twins

Marcia Cross, with husband Tom Mahoney and their twin daughters Eden & Savannah (2 mos.). See full image @ New York Post

Marcia Cross & husband out with twins

Marcia Cross and husband Tom Mahoney take their newborn fraternal twin daughters Eden and Savannah (born Feb. 20) on their first public outing to the weekly Farmers Market in Brentwood, Ca. Not sure if this is Eden or Savannah that … »» Read the article

Marcia & the twins!

An additional pic from  Here