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Angelina Jolie: Changing Cancer Prevention

She’s a global humanitarian, mother-of-six, and one of the most beautiful women in the world. And now Angelina Jolie is changing the face of cancer prevention. The Academy Award-winner shocked fans Tuesday with news of her preventative double mastectomy. Continue … »» Read the article

Why Is Ben Affleck Living On $1.50 A Day?

Looking for another reason to love Ben Affleck? Our spinoff, HerScoop, is giving you some food for thought. The Academy Award-winner and father-of-three is taking the Live Below the Line Challenge, and living on $1.50 a day. The Good Will Hunting hunk opens up … »» Read the article

GG Benitez: Hollywood Insider & Inspirational Mom

Our spinoff, HerScoop, is proud to present this month’s Inspirational Mom, GG Benitez. In a gripping rags-to-riches story, GG shares her humble beginnings of being a struggling single mom after being disowned by her strict family. She goes on to talk … »» Read the article

He Has A Name: Martin Richard, 8, Killed In Boston

Our spinoff, HerScoop, is putting a name and face to 8-year-old “adorable little boy” Martin Richard. Waiting in eager anticipation to hug his father, Bill Richard, who was running in the Boston Marathon on April 15, Martin lost his life during the senseless attack. … »» Read the article

Can Women Have It All? Celebrity Moms Sound Off

Our spinoff, HerScoop, asks: Can women really have it all? Some of our favorite celebrity moms such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore and Isla Fisher sound off on this debatable topic. Continue reading at HerScoop… ** And follow HerScoop on Twitter, like us … »» Read the article

Top 10 Mommy Confessions: Can You Relate?

Our spinoff, HerScoop, asks: What’s your mommy confession? In a survey of more than 25,000 women, moms dish on picking favorites, addictions, regrets and healthy lies. Continue reading at HerScoop… ** And follow HerScoop on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and find us on Pinterest.

Tina Fey On Mommy Chat Rooms

Tina Fey recently said mommy chat rooms create some of the “worst human behavior.” And our spinoff, HerScoop, couldn’t help but chat about this. Continue reading at HerScoop… ** And follow HerScoop on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and find us on Pinterest.

Giveaway: Storksak Olivia Diaper Bag (Value: $198)

Our spinoff site, HerScoop, is giving away a posh Storksak Olivia diaper bag (value: $198). Enter to win at HerScoop… * And follow HerScoop on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and find us on Pinterest.

Is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Overdoing It?

Our spinoff site, HerScoop, is asking: Is Kim Kardashian overdoing it during her first pregnancy? Four months into her first pregnancy, the famous mom-to-be recently “thought she was having a miscarriage,” and was advised to slow down and rest by her doctors. Often … »» Read the article

New York City’s Edgy Teen Pregnancy Campaign

Our spinoff site, HerScoop, is asking: Are these new teen pregnancy PSAs effective or offensive? Showcasing sad and distraught children that are living impoverished lives, the subway and bus shelter ads include warnings and statistics in an attempt to battle … »» Read the article

Baby Names: Celebrity Inspiration, Top Favorites, New Trends

Looking for some baby name inspiration? Our spinoff site, HerScoop, is taking a look at the most popular names of 2012, to the best and worst monikers out of Hollywood, to this latest baby name trends. Look through the baby … »» Read the article

Christi Johnstone: Baking Blogger & Inspirational Mom

Our spinoff site, HerScoop, is proud to present this month’s Inspirational mom, Christi Johnstone of Love From The Oven. Not only has Christi created one of the most popular baking blogs on the internet, she also has an inspirational story of … »» Read the article

Was Seth MacFarlane Offensive At The Oscars?

Our spinoff site, HerScoop, asks the question: Was Seth MacFarlane offensive or funny while hosting Sunday’s Academy Awards? The Family Guy and Ted creator, 39, performed a song entitled We Saw Your Boobs, calling out Oscar winners Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie, plus nominees Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence for … »» Read the article

Heather McDonald’s Mommy Confessions

Our spinoff site, HerScoop, asks the question: What do you think of Heather McDonald‘s mommy confessions? To promote her second book of comedic essays, My Inappropriate Life, the Chelsea Lately writer and star opened up in a video blog about why raising three young children … »» Read the article

Was Your Mommy Ego Bruised On Valentine’s Day?

Our spinoff site, HerScoop, asks the question: Was it just me, or did your mommy ego take a nosedive when going through your kids’ Valentine’s Day cards from their classmates? In eager excitement, my kids poured out their love-inspired notes … »» Read the article

ToddleWood Dresses Children Like Celebrities: Creepy or Cute?

Is the above image creepy or cute? That’s what our spinoff site, HerScoop, is asking. Welcome to the ToddleWood project, ladies and gentlemen. To celebrate the current awards season, former advertising executive-turned-photographer Tricia Messeroux is recreating the stars’ looks for kids with outfits … »» Read the article

Special Needs: Providing Support & Respect to Families

 Celebrity Baby Scoop’s spinoff site, HerScoop, is hoping to shatter the shame often facing people with disabilities. Continue reading … Did you hear about the waiter in Texas who put his job on the line when he defended a boy with Down … »» Read the article

Reality Shows on Teen Pregnancy: Educational or Glorifying?

  Celebrity Baby Scoop’s spinoff site, HerScoop, asks the question: are reality shows on teen pregnancy really empowering our youth? While Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer welcomed her third child earlier this week at the age of 20, one wonders if the show … »» Read the article

Celebrity Baby Scoop Launches Spinoff Site HerScoop!

Celebrity Baby Scoop is happy to launch our spinoff site, HerScoop! HerScoop is a content sharing lifestyle blog, promising to give members a critical look at today’s top stories — from staying healthy during pregnancy, to chic fashion trends, to the … »» Read the article