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Happy Blankie: One to Love and One to Give

We recently discovered Happy Blankie, soft, oversized cuddly animals that are the perfect combination of stuffed animal and blanket. Pretty neat right? But that’s not the best part. Every time someone buys a Happy Blankie, an identical blanket is given … »» Read the article

Bebe au Lait: Beautiful, Plush Hooded Baby Towels

Summertime means lots of outings to the beach or pool. And with temperatures soaring, there’s plenty of water time left. This Summer, after letting your baby splash around, wrap him or her up in a plush, cozy hooded towel from … »» Read the article

MommaCouture: Stylish, Insulated Diaper Bags

We all know that having a baby means carrying lots of stuff. Diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, burp cloths, formula, you name it. That’s when we, as parents, turn to the diaper bag. A must-have commodity for every new mom and … »» Read the article

BabyChix: Keepsake Ceramic Diapers

We were recently introduced to, an online baby gift boutique filled with truly unique gifts. Everything from hand crocheted baby blankets, custom disposable diapers to towel hoodies and Mommy Belly Butter creme can be found in this adorable online … »» Read the article

Fitmom DVDs-Fitness Programs for Pregnancy, Labor and Postnatal

Wish these had been around when I was having my kids. Fitness programs to keep you in tip top shape while pregnant, help you get through labor and get you back into pre-bump shape after delivery. The Fitmom series of … »» Read the article

Storkie Express Baby Stationery

Looking for super cute baby shower invitations or birth announcements? You have to check out! Their amazing website lets you customize graphics in addition to text, so you can create truly unique invitations that match YOU and your style. … »» Read the article

Butterscotch Blankees: Personalized Blankets for Babies & Kids

Every baby and child loves a yummy blanket to cuddle up in. They love it even more when it’s personalized with their name and birthdate. Introducing Butterscotch Blankees, adorable, customized blankets that make for a beautiful gift upon baby’s arrival … »» Read the article

KidsErasers: Making Homework Fun

Who knew that making a mistake could be so much fun! Kids will be a little more excited about doing their homework with KidsErasers. This entertaining collection of erasers will turn every child (and many parents) into pencil users. With … »» Read the article

The Good Nite Lite: Helping Kids and Parents Get a Good Night’s Sleep

For celebrity parents, beauty sleep is no joke – it’s a must-have! Luckily, the Good Nite Lite is helping some celeb mommies and daddies get a longer night’s sleep. The Good Nite Lite uses visual cues to help teach children … »» Read the article

Swaddle Designs: Making Swaddling Simple

Moms and dads everywhere struggle with getting their little ones to sleep. Did you know that swaddled babies sleep better? Swaddle Designs founder Lynette Damir sure did and, consequently, developed the ultimate receiving blanket line and called it SwaddleDesigns. Swaddling … »» Read the article

Muu: Baby Furniture for Celeb Baby Nurseries

Ever wonder what kind of baby furniture has made the must-have list in Hollywood? If you ask celeb mommies Bree Turner, mom of newborn Stella Jean, and Karolina Kurkova, mom to 8-month old Tobin, they will tell you that their … »» Read the article

Mother’s Corn: Eco-Friendly TableWare for Kids & Babies

If you’re a parent concerned about the toxicity of the plates, cups and utensils your kids eat and drink from, you will love this new eco-friendly tableware. Made from corn, yes, we said corn, Mother’s Corn is non-toxic, anti-bacterial, bio-degradable … »» Read the article

Sprout Organic Baby Food: Fresh and Nutritious

Every mom wants to feed her baby the best and freshest food – but it’s not always possible to select fresh ingredients and make your own. Luckily you don’t have to worry anymore. Celebrity chef, Tyler Florence has created an … »» Read the article

Kid Safe Screen: Organic Protection From the Sun

Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen. This time of the year, parents have to be extra vigilant about making sure their kids are properly protected from the sun. A new product called Kid Safe Screen, from Marie Veronique Organics, helps you … »» Read the article

Taga: Bike & Stroller in One

Leave it to Holland, the land of bicycles, to come up with this handy new bike/stroller combination. Taga is a whole new way to travel and a whole new way for you and your child to experience the world. Taga … »» Read the article

StrollerTraffic: A New Mom’s Must-Have

As a new mom, you can easily become overwhelmed by all the baby information and products out there. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource that sifted through all the clutter and gave you exactly what you needed … »» Read the article

Love Handles: Workout While Walking Baby

New moms (and dads) spend countless hours behind the baby stroller. Just imagine if you could turn all those hours into a workout. You’d lose those pregnancy pounds in no time. Well now you can, with Love Handles. The first … »» Read the article

Art Bellies Pregnancy Art Kit for Expecting Dads

Finding a perfect Father’s Day gift is never easy but finding that perfect gift for an expecting dad is nearly impossible. Socks and ties just don’t convey the right feeling. Gadgets seem too impersonal. You wish you could give him … »» Read the article

Ajo Bebe: Chic Baby Accessories

It’s amazing how much gear a little tiny baby requires. Changing pads, bibs, burp cloths, nursing covers, diaper bags, diapers and wipes pouches and the list goes on. Just because you’re carrying baby gear 24/7, doesn’t mean you can’t look … »» Read the article

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra

Multitasking is one of the skills which new mamas learn to master pretty quickly. As soon as you’ve got a baby at home it’s not uncommon to start wishing for an extra pair of limbs – or two! Thankfully, the … »» Read the article

Oh Baby Prints: Custom Photo Birth Announcements

A former graphic and web designer for small business and not-for-profit organizations, mom of two-Kelly Reif, has turned her talents toward all-things-infant as her own family expanded. The result . . Oh Baby Prints, a labor of love to nurture … »» Read the article

Make Baking Chic with Charlotte’s Apron

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Sex and the City 2 opens nationwide next Friday, May 27th! What you may not know is that Charlotte, the hostess with the mostess, and mother of two in the film, … »» Read the article

Rosemary’s Scents: Personalized Fragrances for Kids

Kids love stuff with their name on it. Backpacks, lunch totes, clothes, jewelry, bedding, you name it-sometimes it’s out of necessity (making sure your child’s stuff doesn’t get mixed up with another’s) and sometimes it’s just a fashion statement. Rosemary’s … »» Read the article

No More Lost Pacifiers or Sippy Cups

Babies and toddlers are notoriously good at dropping things. Pacifiers and sippy cups are a couple of the most common items that moms end up spending their time searching for and retrieving, multiple times daily. Moms lives just got a … »» Read the article

Momologie: Your Daily Dose of Ideas & Inspiration for Moms

Momologie is a free daily newsletter and website that delivers must-read information for living family life to the fullest. It is where smart moms go to get their daily dose of fresh ideas and inspiration designed to enhance their everyday … »» Read the article