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Balancing Act: 5 Practical Tips To Having It All From Our Fave Celebrity Parents

Even with the chauffeurs, the nannies, and the billion dollar bank accounts, celebrities are by no means immune to the problems that seem to plague every parent, like the never ending pursuit of a perfectly balanced life; aka “having it … »» Read the article

Jane Leeves: “There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Parent”

It looks as though Jane Leeves – best known for her decade long portrayal of sweetheart Daphne Moon on Fraiser – truly has it made! Loving life with hubby Marshall Coben and their two children, Isabella Katherine, 10, and Finn … »» Read the article

Jane Leeves & Children In Santa Monica

Jane Leeves, English actress best known for her work as Daphne Moon on Frasier, was photographed with her children, Isabella Kathryn and Finn William, in Santa Monica on Tuesday. Photo: SCOTT/CHRIS/