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Jennifer Garner’s Smiley Seraphina

She’s getting so big! Valentine’s Day star Jennifer Garner was seen dropped off her 4-year-old daughter Violet at preschool in Santa Monica on Thursday morning (June 10). The busy mom-of-two also had her youngest daughter, Seraphina, 1, in tow. After … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner’s Sweet Seraphina

Jennifer Garner carried her adorable 17-month-old daughter Seraphina while leaving a building in Santa Monica on Tuesday (June 8). Rumorville speculates that Jennifer has been hiding a growing baby bump under loose-fitting clothing. Jen’s black sweatshirt and casual pants today … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Violet’s Playdate

Alias star Jennifer Garner took her elder daughter Violet, 4, for a playdate at a farm in Moorpark, Calif. on Monday (June 7). Jen was fully prepared and packed for a fun afternoon with her smiley girl. The mother-daughter duo … »» Read the article

Violet & Seraphina Affleck: Stroller Sisters

Valentine’s Day star Jennifer Garner was spotted out with her girls – Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 1 – in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Sunday (June 6). The Affleck sisters shared a single stroller as mom stopped off at Starbucks for … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Smiling Seraphina

Another smiley Affleck girl! Alias star Jennifer Garner ran some errands with her adorable 16-month-old daughter Seraphina in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (June 4). While smiling in Jen’s arms, Seraphina also took her turn at walking alongside her proud … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Her Happy Preschooler

She’s such a cutie pie! Valentine’s Day star Jennifer Garner picked up her adorable 4-year-old daughter Violet from preschool in Santa Monica today (June 3). Violet was all smiles as she jumped and skipped alongside her mama. Jen and her … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Violet’s School Smiles

So cute! Alias star Jennifer Garner was spotted picking up her daughter Violet from preschool in Santa Monica, Calif. today (June 1). The adorable 4-year-old smiled and showed off those gorgeous dimples as she walked alongside her mama to the … »» Read the article

Celebrity Working Moms Sound Off On Juggling Careers & Motherhood

Technically, all moms are working mothers. Motherhood is the very definition of hard work! Add celebrity status to the title “mommy,” and things can get very tricky! From Sarah Jessica Parker missing out on two months with her daughters to … »» Read the article

Violet Affleck Catches A Ride

A smiling Violet Affleck had her personalized lunch box in tow as she caught a lift with her mom Jennifer Garner today in Brentwood, California (May 31). The duo enjoyed a sweet moment together in the sunshine before heading off … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Her Sunday Sweeties

Jennifer Garner and her two adorable daughters – Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 16 months – were spotted at a farmers market in Pacific Palisades, Calif. today (May 30). The girls looked adorable in their red wagon while mom shopped around … »» Read the article

Celebrities Who Are Close To Their Moms

Continuing with our Mother’s Day tributes, let’s take a look at some of our favorite celebrity moms who are close with their own mothers. Read below about famous mother-daughter duos such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Blythe Danner, and others such … »» Read the article

A Look At Our Favorite Celebrity Moms

We’re continuing our Mother’s Day celebrations and shining the spotlight on some of the top celebrity moms. From mother-of-six Angelina Jolie, to mother-of-two Jennifer Garner, to new mom Alyson Hannigan, we can’t get enough of our favorite famous moms! Let’s … »» Read the article

Celebrity Moms & Their ‘Mini-Me’ Kids!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner this coming Sunday; and the holiday has us thinking about beautiful celebrity moms whose sweet offspring are mirror images of them! We’ve rounded-up six mom/daughter pairs and one mother/son pair who clearly demonstrate … »» Read the article

Workouts of the Stars: Celebrity Moms Love Yoga & Pilates

We often marvel at how celebrity moms stay so fit and fabulous before, during and after their pregnancies, but the truth is, many of them work out religiously to stay in shape and to regain their figures after baby arrives. … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner Gives Back

Mom-of-two Jennifer Garner looked gorgeous this morning as she stopped by CBS’ The Early Show to chat about a cause near and dear to her: Her work with Save the Children, a non-profit organization that aims to help kids living … »» Read the article

What’s Your Celebrity Mommy Style? Are You A Jen Or A Posh?

It’s easy for celebrity moms to look amazing on the red carpet, after hours of primping and pampering and with a staff of stylists who put together their head to toe look. But when it comes to everyday life, even … »» Read the article

True Role Models: 10 Celeb Parents That Inspire Us

Celebrities have a knack for creating the drama. Most of the time we love it, but sometimes the negativity gets us down. We’ve compiled a list of 10 celebrity parents who not only reek of positive energy, they also inspire … »» Read the article

Jason Bateman & Family At Jennifer Garner’s Birthday Bash

Happy 38th birthday to Jennifer Garner! The movie star mom-of-two was the guest of honor at a star-studded bash yesterday, with a long line of celebs making their way to her home in Brentwood, California to help celebrate the big … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Violet Get Their Nails Done

Jennifer Garner and her gorgeous girl Violet, 4, capped off their very busy day with a bit of pampering yesterday (April 16). The Valentine’s Day star and her oldest daughter took a trip to a nail salon in Pacific Palisades, … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Violet: Taking Care Of Business

Busy mom Jennifer Garner was spotted heading to a meeting at a production office in Santa Monica, California today after picking up her 4-year-old daughter Violet from preschool (April 16). With her business taken care of, the hands-on mom piggy-backed … »» Read the article

Is Jennifer Garner Expecting Baby No. 3?

Is Jennifer Garner expecting her third child? Will we finally see baby boy Affleck? While the 37-year-old Alias star was out shopping recently, one nosey eavesdropper overheard some pretty juicy information: She was saying that she is determined not to … »» Read the article

Favorite Celebrity Baby Strollers

If you had oodles of disposable income and you could buy pretty much anything and everything, what kind of baby stroller would you spend your cash on? There are a slew of choices out there – from the practical and … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Her California Cutie

Hands-on mom Jennifer Garner was spotted on the school run today, picking up her oldest daughter Violet in Santa Monica, California (April 2). The happy 4-year-old had a busy day – after preschool she and her mom stopped in at … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner Gives Seraphina A Smooch

Jennifer Garner gave her 1-year-old daughter Seraphina a smooch as she went shopping with both her girls – including 4-year-old daughter Violet – along with a friend at the Brentwood Country Mart on Wednesday (March 31). Looks like sweet Sera … »» Read the article

Ben Affleck & His Brentwood Beauty

Ben Affleck and his beautiful 4-year-old daughter Violet were spotted shopping in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (March 27). Ben picked up some dry cleaning while Violet peeked around in a local toy store. Later that evening, Ben and his lovely … »» Read the article