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Ruby’s On The Run

Another Ruby sighting – this time she’s with mom, dad and some friends at Coldwater Canyon park in Beverly Hills. Looks like Ruby had lots of kids to play with – and I can bet parents Tobey Maguire and Jennifer … »» Read the article

Ruby Is A Sweetheart

Ruby Maguire and her Mom Jennifer Meyer attend the same party as Nicole Richie and Harlow in Beverly Hills. Ruby is so cute, I love it when she smiles, it melts my heart! Source: Flynet

Tobey Takes A Ride, While Jennifer & Ruby Shop

It looks like Jennifer and Ruby met up with Tobey at the end of his bike ride yesterday, and headed to the car together. Tobey is no stranger to cycling, we’ve seen him in latex many times before.

Diaper Duty!

It’s happened to everyone with kids–sometimes it may not be convenient, but when you’ve got to change a diaper, you’ve got to change a diaper. Tobey Maguire is no different, as he heads out to his car in the parking … »» Read the article

Jennifer Meyer Takes Daughter Ruby To Fred Segal

Jennifer Meyer takes her daughter Ruby Sweetheart, 1, to Fred Segal in West Hollywood. No site of Jennifer’s hubby, and Ruby’s dad Tobey Maguire. I’d say little Ruby looks just like her mom! Flynet

Jake Gyllenhaal & Tobey Maguire Run Into Each Other In Brentwood

Actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire ran into each other in Brentwood over the weekend. Tobey and his family were waiting for a table at a local restaurant, and Jake just happened to be driving by, saw the family and … »» Read the article

Tobey Maguire & Family Go Pumpkin Picking

Tobey Maguire his wife Jennifer Meyer and daughter Ruby Sweetheart, 11-months, get some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch in West Hollywood. Click on thumbnails to enlarge Flynet

Ruby Sweetheart is thirsty!

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer take Ruby Sweetheart out in LA. I believe, but am not 100% sure that the woman in the one picture is the nanny. If it is their nanny, I don’t get it? Why do you … »» Read the article

Jennifer Meyer, Tobey Maguire & Ruby this weekend

Jennifer Meyer takes to the streets again to do some shopping with Ruby, and her nanny. Dad Tobey, gets some excercise by doing some cycling with his personal trainer. Flynet

Ruby Maguire

Jennifer Meyer enjoys a nice day with her daughter Ruby Maguire, 8-months, in Beverly Hills. Meyer is engaged to Tobey Maguire, Ruby’s dad. Flynet

Jennifer Meyer shops with Ruby Sweetheart

Jennifer Meyer, 30, is out shopping with her daughter Ruby Sweetheart, 8 months. Jennifer is enagaged to Tobey Maguire, Ruby’s daddy. The couple met when Maguire was working on the movie Seabiscuit in 2003. Jennifer is a jewelry designer, did … »» Read the article

Tobey, Jen & Ruby

Tobey Maguire, Jen Meyer with their daughter Ruby Sweetheart (almost 7 mos.). She is such a sweet little baby! credit: flynet

Amanda Peet & Jennifer Meyer

Jennifer Meyer (Tobey Maguire’s fiancee) carries daughter Ruby Sweetheart, almost 6 months, while out to lunch in, NYC yesterday. With her is actress Amanda Peet, who carried Frances Pen, 2 months, in a sling and her husband David Benioff (not … »» Read the article

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer

Celebrity dad Tobey Maguire and fiancee Jennifer Meyer at the Premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “Spider-Man 3” April 30, 2007 in New York. The couple has a daughter Ruby Sweetheart, almost 6 months old. CREDIT:WireImage

Tobey with fiancee Jennifer

3/30/07:   Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer watch the Houston Rockets play the Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles. I bet they are missing their little gem! Reuters

Jennifer & Ruby

Jennifer Meyer with Ruby Sweetheart Maguire. Dad is "Spiderman" Tobey Maguire. source

Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Meyer & Ruby Sweetheart

Tobey Maguire and his fiancé Jennifer Meyer with their five month old daughter Ruby in Malibu, CA recently. They went clothes shopping for Ruby Sweetheart at 98% Angel before having salads at John’s Garden in the playground area. photo credit: … »» Read the article

Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer

Photo-US March 12, 2007

Tobey Maguire’s daughter Ruby in Hawaii

Tobey Maguire and fiancee Jennifer Meyer take Ruby(4-months) for a dip while on vacation in Hawaii. with permission

Tobey Maguire, Jennifer, and baby Ruby go house hunting

Tobey Maguire and fiancee Jennifer Meyer are out house hunting in Hollywood. Pictured are Tobey, Jennifer, daughter Ruby, their Nanny and a realtor. Ruby is now 3-months old. *thanks so much Rii for the pics* source

Tobey Maguire, fiancee Jennnifer Meyer & Ruby

We can’t post the pics here but click to see Tobey Maguire, his finacee Jennnifer Meyer and their baby daughter Ruby as they shop at Fred Segal’s in L.A. *Thanks to reader Rii for the tip!*


Tobey Maguire and fiancée Jennifer Meyer attend a Los Angeles Lakers game on Tuesday. Soon they will be parents– they’re awaiting the arrival of their first child! Source