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Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Take To The Skies

Reality starlet Kendra Wilkinson was all smiles as she carried her adorable son Hank IV, 11 months, through Los Angeles International Airport today (November 18). We just spotted the mother-son duo spending some quality time with grandpa Hank in San … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilikinson: Moms Can Be Sexy, Too!

Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson won’t be donning a pair of “mom jeans” anytime soon. The reality star mom-of-one is pictured on the cover of the new issue of In Touch magazine – along with her adorable son Hank, 10 months … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson & Grandpa Take Hank To The Park

Reality TV darling Kendra Wilkinson enjoyed some quality family time with her father-in-law, Hank Baskett Sr., and her 11-month-old son, little Hank, at a park in San Diego on Sunday (November 14). Kendra and grandpa took pics of the adorable … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson Is A Happy Mama

Mom-of-one Kendra Wilkinson was all smiles as she and her beautiful son Hank, 11 months, arrived at a Los Angeles, California hotel today (November 13). Kendra met up with a few friends and filmed some scenes for her reality show. … »» Read the article

Hank Baskett Jr Takes His 1st Steps!

Kendra Wilkinson’s life is about to get a whole lot busier – baby Hank has taken his first steps! The 25-year-old reality star took to Twitter Friday night (November 12) to share the news that her 11-month-old son is on … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: My Husband Hank Is A “Real Man”

Kendra Wilkinson is quick to gush about her husband Hank Baskett. “Hank’s not ashamed to be a man,” the reality star tells PEOPLE. “Men out there nowadays, they’re ashamed. They’re ashamed to cry, they’re ashamed to do some dishes, they’re … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson Wants To Be A “Hot Mom In The Public Eye”

Kendra Wilkinson was on the fourth hour of the Today Show on Thursday when she spoke about radio personality Mancow’s criticism of the weight she gained during pregnancy. She said, “I’m open and there’s a lot of people in the … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: “I’m A Single Parent Now”

Kendra Wilkinson’s life has been turned upside down ever since husband Hank Baskett was let go by the Philadelphia Eagles and signed to the Minnesota Vikings. The reality TV darling opens up to Life & Style about her tough decision … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: “I’m Basically A Stay At Home Mom”

New mom Kendra Wilkinson says that “life couldn’t be better.” With her devoted football star hubby Hank Baskett at her side, the 25-year-old former Playboy model says “at the end of day, I’m basically a stay at home mom that … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson Is Working On Body, Then Baby

Mom-of-one Kendra Wilkinson is eager to add to her brood – but she hopes to get her pre-baby body back first. “I’m trying to get my body back into six-pack shape right now. I just want to get back into … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson Plans Post-Babies Liposuction

New mom Kendra Wilkinson plans on getting back to her pre-baby shape with the help of a little liposuction. The reality star, who welcomed her son Hank last December, tells Star magazine, “Having a nine-and-a-half pound baby stretched me out … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Wants Another Baby!

Their son Hank is just 8 months old, but Kendra Wilkinson says that she and her hubby Hank Baskett are already talking about baby #2. “Hank the other day just freaking called me and was like ‘I want another baby. … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson’s Son Hank Is Starting To Crawl

Time to start the babyproofing! Kendra Wilkinson says her baby, Hank IV, 8-months, is learning to crawl. In an interview with Us, Kendra says baby Hank is happily making his way around the Philadelphia condo she shares with husband Hank … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Jr Hates To Sleep

It sounds like reality star mom Kendra Wilkinson has her hands full with her 7-month-old son Hank Jr! “The baby is so driven,” Kendra tells OK! “He’s already so independent. He makes sure that he’s so strong. He’s such a … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson Is Thrilled To Watch Hank Jr. Learn To High Five

It’s a great time to be Kendra Wilkinson, she’s got a hit television show, a New York Times best-seller (Sliding Into Home) and a devoted husband in football player Hank Baskett. While attending the Espys, Kendra spoke to People about … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson & Her San Diego Dudes

Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson, hubby Hank Baskett and their 7-month-old son Hank IV visited Kendra’s family in San Diego last Saturday (July 10). The Basketts made a stop at Kendra’s mother Patti’s home to spend some quality time with grandma, … »» Read the article

Report: Trouble In Paradise For Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett?

Life & Style is reporting that after learning of wife Kendra Wilkinson‘s sex tape with an ex-boyfriend, husband Hank Baskett began visiting strip clubs. An acquaintance of Baskett’s, Carl Miller has revealed that he attended strip clubs with Baskett on … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson Releases Autobiography

25-year-old reality star Kendra Wilkinson has released an autobiography, Sliding Into Home, detailing the events of her past, including her years of drug use, stripping, and depression. In an interview with the Today Show via the NY Daily News, Wikinson … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: Watching Hank Grow Is The Best Gift

Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson and husband, NLF player Hank Baskett are well into their first year of parenting, and Wilkinson says that they are loving every second of it. Taking to her blog, she posted, I can’t believe my … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: “My Curves Shocked Me Big-Time”

After welcoming son Hank IV last December with husband Hank Baskett, reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson went from a tiny size two up a few sizes into uncharted territory. My curves shocked me big-time,” the 25-year-old admits to People. “It … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: Sex Tape Has Brought Hank & I Closer

Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson is moving past the sex tape that was recently made public, after calling the experience, “extremely embarrassing.” Wilkinson, who was 18 at the time the tape was made, has revealed to Access Hollywood that this … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: Sex Tape Is “Extremely Embarrassing”

Kendra Wilkinson is owning up to — and breaking down over — her sex tape. The new mom talks to E! in her first interview since the tape surfaced. It’s extremely embarrassing,” she admits of the footage featuring herself at … »» Read the article

First Photos Of Kendra Wilkinson & Family Since Sex-Tape Scandal

Since news broke of Kendra Wilkinson’s sex-tape, her seemingly-perfect life has been collapsing around her, Life & Style reports. Spotted for the first time since the tape surfaced, Kendra, her hubby Hank Baskett and their 6-month-old son Hank IV were … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape Scandal

Former Girl Next Door and Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson had succesfully transformed her image of fun-loving, free-wheeling Playboy mansion dwelling gal to that of a new, doting mom to her son Hank Baskett Jr., born earlier this year. Kendra even … »» Read the article

Kendra Wilkinson: Motherhood Has Changed My Definition Of Beauty

People magazine has included new mom Kendra Wilkinson on this year’s list of the Most Beautiful People In The World. The former Playboy model, who welcomed her son Hank Jr in December, says that motherhood has put a brand new … »» Read the article