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Keeping Your Family Healthy And Flu-Free This Winter

Achoo! Ready or not, cold and flu season is upon us. Since locking up your kids for the winter isn’t an option, learn what you can do to prevent colds and flu. Kids get sick – it’s just a reality. … »» Read the article

5 Positive Parenting Changes You Can Make This Year

Don’t you wish your child came with a manual? Parenting is an ever evolving game of trial and error. Adjusting your parenting style to work with your child’s bent is essential for positive parenting practices. Kinsights’ CEO/co-founder and parenting expert … »» Read the article

Giveaway: $500 Amazon Gift Card from Kinsights

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Kinsights to bring you the opportunity to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card! Kinsights is a social network made just for parents – and it’s designed to help you get … »» Read the article

Moms, Save Your Sanity With These Holiday Travel Tips

Are you excited about the holidays, but dreading those hours on the plane with your kids? Parent travel pros at Kinsights share their advice – unique tips beyond the usual “check your stroller at the gate” and “bring lots of snacks” – … »» Read the article

Need An Elf On The Shelf To Keep Your Kids Safe This Holiday Season?

Not to worry! Kinsights’ co-founder Jennifer Chung shares 10 important safety tips to help keep your family safe and happy this holiday season. Too many preventable accidents occur during the holidays from fireplaces, unsafe toys, child/parent separation in busy parking … »» Read the article

Online Pediatric Medical Records And Advice From Parents Like you! offers advice from parents like you with its easy access, simple navigating system that answers your parenting questions, while offering a unique one of a kind secure, online medical filing system for your children’s health records! Are you a mother, … »» Read the article