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Coolest Celebrity Kid Hairstyles

Our favorite celebrity tots always seem to be setting the trends in fashion, accessories, and more.  And we just can’t get enough!  Now, our friends over at iVillage have compiled the best celeb tot hair styles from Shiloh’s short crop, … »» Read the article

The 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials Featuring Babies and Tots

by Rebecca M Gruber Are you ready for some football? Even if the sport doesn’t get you excited for the Super Bowl, the actual event itself is fun for everyone — just look at the commercials. While beer and web … »» Read the article

FitPregnancy’s New Mom Circuit-Style Workout

Getting in shape after having a baby is a challenge. If you need to shake up your routine then Fit Pregnancy has a 30-minute circuit workout that will get your heart pumping and help you take off those leftover pounds.  … »» Read the article

What Did You Give Up For Your Children?

  From our friends at! By Amy Hatch. On Facebook, I reconnected with a former co-worker from my newspaper days and found out he’d become a dad to a little girl. He stuck with the newspaper game (I got … »» Read the article

MomFinds Beauty Essentials for Moms-to-Be

We all know mothers-to-be need multivitamins, plenty of water, and a good foot rub after a long day, but what are some of the best ways to enhance looking and feeling great while expecting?  Our friends at MomFinds have assembled … »» Read the article

Why William & Kate Should Go On A ‘Babymoon’

By Dr. Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. Have you considered taking a babymoon? Maybe you should, too. Have you ever heard of a babymoon? A babymoon is similar to a honeymoon — a time when you, your baby and your immediate family … »» Read the article

2013 Baby Name Trends

Move over Lucas, Ava and Sophia! Our friends at Working Mother are taking a look at the baby name trends of 2013. And they’re everything from tech-inspired monikers like Tweet, Android and Kindle to surnames like Hayes, Townes, Brick. Visit Working Mother … »» Read the article

Best Baby Bath Toys From Momfinds

Nothing makes bath time with baby more memorable than watching your little one splashing with joy and excitement over fun bath toys! If you’re having trouble deciding which bath toys to get baby, there is no need to worry! Our … »» Read the article

10 Things New Moms Don’t Know About Breastfeeding

Before you were pregnant, you probably hadn’t heard that your legs would get hairier or your nipples would darken as your baby grew inside of you, but you learned these and other quirky details while venturing through the trimesters. Now you … »» Read the article

Shakira Is the Latest Songstress to Join the “Stage Mom” Club!

by Lisa Horten Congrats to Shakira and Gerard Piqué, who welcomed a baby boy, Milan Piqué Mebarak, to the world yesterday! The singer and new coach on The Voice announced the arrival of the new addition on her official website, … »» Read the article

Should You Let Your Baby Cry It Out?

By Dr. Lisa Kaplin Sound parenting advice from a mother and psychologist. This week I saw another in a slew of studies and opinions about how to raise your children. As a mother and a psychologist, I find this trend … »» Read the article

8 Ways To Ruin Your Kids

Want to raise a spoiled brat? You’ve come to the right place. Most parents really want to be good parents, but since most parents don’t take parenting classes, they inadvertently get a lot of things wrong. Head over to and … »» Read the article

True Confessions Of A Party Princess For Hire

By Joyce Slaton Here’s another fun post from our friends at Baby Center! You don’t know M. Alice LeGrow. But if you give her $100, she’ll come to your house for an hour in a big poofy dress and carefully … »» Read the article

Stroller Giveaway From Totsy!

We love giveaways, especially when entering is simple and the prize is fantastic! Today, Totsy is offering a Zooper Mountain Flowers stroller, valued at $200, to one lucky CBS reader! Totsy is a great destination for moms, not only because … »» Read the article

Baby Girl Names Inspired By Winter

Congratulations – you’re expecting! Finding the perfect baby name is just one of the hundreds of must-do things of your list before your little one arrives. If your baby is due this winter, get inspired by the season to find … »» Read the article

Suri Cruise’s Cute Coat

If you live in the Northeast, you know how cold it’s been these last few days. Sure, we’ve experienced colder, but that doesn’t mean it’s not frigid out there. So what do you put on your kid to keep him/her … »» Read the article

10 Baby Gifts Perfectly Suited For a Kardashian

by Emily Bibb Reality TV royalty Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently announced that they are expecting their first child together. Although we don’t know the gender (yet), we can only image that the future Kardashian-West heir will be arriving … »» Read the article

Milestone Charts: What You Can Expect From Birth To Age 3

Babies grow in such unique ways: The baby who sits up weeks before her peers might be one of the last to learn how to crawl. Or the 18-month-old who’s still communicating with grunts and gestures suddenly bursts forth with … »» Read the article

LeAnn Rimes Talks Infidelity & Her Ex

By Krista Wick No topic was off limits when LeAnn Rimes sat down exclusively with ET’s Nancy O’Dell. The country superstar, whose controversial relationship with husband Eddie Cibrian has become both a blessing and a curse, tells Nancy her upcoming … »» Read the article

Parenting Presents ‘Lords of the Playground’

Parenting is launching a partnership with Lords of the Playground, a comedy web series written and staring Jason Kravits (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Practice) and Matt Servitto (The Sopranos) about life on the playground and modern fatherhood. Parenting is releasing the entire … »» Read the article

Help! My Child Is Being Bullied

By Brock Hansen If you know your child is being bullied, start by taking a deep breath. Your first instinct may be to charge in and do something to protect your child. However, your goal should be to help your … »» Read the article

Quick Meals For New Moms

As most new moms know, keeping up with a hungry newborn can be exhausting, especially when the rest of your family is looking for something healthy and tasty at mealtime too. Our friends at Fitpregnancy have put together some lunch … »» Read the article

The Key To Potty Training Success? The iPotty?

Not quite sure what you’re looking at? Well, it’s a potty–with an iPad dock. Yes, mamas, potties have officially gone 2.0. Meet the iPotty. It’s a brand-new invention that not only allows your toddler to learn to use the bathroom, … »» Read the article

13 Photos That Show Kim Kardashian Is Ready For Motherhood

by Lisa Horten While she may best be known for her time on reality shows and the red carpet, Kim Kardashian’s recent announcement that she’s expecting a baby with boyfriend Kanye West means that we’re likely to see a softer … »» Read the article

Kim Kardashian’s Potential Pregnancy Profits

by Sara McGinnis Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy has the potential to bring in big, big bucks. Few would be surprised to hear the reality star is endorsing this stretch-mark cream or that maternity line — which makes a report that surfaced … »» Read the article