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127 Favorite Celebrity Maternity Looks

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! Work it! One of the biggest dilemmas expectant mamas face is how they’ll dress their growing bumps for nine (almost 10) months. There’s certainly no shortage of cute maternity clothes these days, but it’s … »» Read the article

Favorite Travel Essentials for Summer

From our friends at Mamiverse! Whether it’s a road trip to see abuela or a grand-scale European vacation with multiple plane trips, families everywhere are gearing up for fun spring and summer travel. And as anyone who’s ever traveled with … »» Read the article

Who Could Be Two Of Lindsay Lohan’s Baby Daddies?

From our friends at Your Tango! The Lindsay Lohan list was only the tip of the iceberg in showing just what a broken, hot mess the onetime Mean Girls star really is. The news of her miscarriage during the filming of her … »» Read the article

zulily’s Baby Must-Haves For Moms On A Budget

New moms and moms-to-be have no doubt gotten tons of advice on products you should buy for your baby from family, friends, co-workers, and more. zulily, a retailer focused on all things for moms , compiled a list of some … »» Read the article

Even Kate Middleton Has “Normal” Mom Moments

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! Thanks to her status as the Duchess of Cambridge as well as a full-time and extremely qualified nanny, Kate Middleton doesn’t have to handle all the dirty work of motherhood herself. But being a … »» Read the article

10 Favorite Kids’ Breakfast Cereals

From our friends at Mamiverse! Cereals have always been a part of humankind’s diet. Porridge was a traditional food in much of Northern Europe and Russia back to antiquity, and remains a popular breakfast items in many parts of the … »» Read the article

The 10 Most Beautiful Instagram Pics By January Jones

From our friends at Your Tango! Mad Men is coming to a close, but thankfully, you won’t have to say goodbye to Betty Draper (or Betty Francis, as it were) forever. January Jones joined Instagram pretty recently, and her posts are … »» Read the article

Has Jenny McCarthy Switched Sides?

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! Has Jenny McCarthy changed her opinion on vaccinations? Well, not quite. After years of being labeled an anti-vaccination advocate, the View cohost took to the Chicago Sun-Times to clarify her thoughts on the controversial … »» Read the article

8 Ways To Be Food Creative At Snack Time

From our friends at Mamiverse! You’ve heard (and probably said) it before: Don’t play with your food! But we say yes to edible crafts: Go ahead, play with your food all you like! Getting crafty with family snacks is a … »» Read the article

Which Celeb Mom’s Parenting Style Is Closest To Your Own?

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! Once our favorite celebrities become parents, we’re exposed to an entirely different side of their personas. Alicia Silverstone, who was at one time best known for her Clueless role as spoiled valley girl Cher … »» Read the article

12 Ways to Motivate Your Kids To Help Clean

From our friends at Mamiverse! April 7 is No Housework Day. We’re planning ahead and anticipating a day of relaxation complete with the latest pop-fiction novel, a beer, and some cookies we hid on the top shelf of the pantry … »» Read the article

Josh Holloway Talks About New Son Hunter & ‘Lost’ Co-Stars

From our friends at Your Tango! It’s an exciting time for Josh Holloway. Not only is the former Lost heartthrob starring in his own series, the CBS cyber-drama Intelligence, he recently became a father for the second time when his … »» Read the article

Celeb Parents Share Instagram Pics Of Kids In March

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! What happens when celebrity moms and dads, who are used to cameras focusing on them, turn their personal cameras on their family members? A whole lot of adorable Instagram moments, that’s what! While selfies … »» Read the article

Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Baby Love

From our friends at Working Mother. With her new daughter lighting up her life and her new fashion maternity line hitting the racks this month, it’s all about mommy love for this star of the big and small screens. Many … »» Read the article

zulily’s Top Spring Trends For Kids

Though it hardly seems possible with much of the country still battling late snow storms, spring is just around the corner, bringing with it a breath of fresh air from winter wardrobes. zulily, a retailer focused on all things for … »» Read the article

How Kristin Cavallari Keeps In Shape During Pregnancy

From our friends at! Right after the post-birth euphoria comes the stressors of new motherhood: lack of sleep, breastfeeding challenges, and plotting your postpartum exercise plan. Not to fear. Getting back in shape is easier than you think. Just ask … »» Read the article

A List Of Girl Scout Badges We Wish Existed

From our friends at Mamiverse! To quote Amy Sedaris, “I am an aging Girl Scout.” I can still remember earning Girl Scout badges as a Brownie growing up in New Jersey. I looked forward to our troop meetings and activities … »» Read the article

Which Type Of TV Mom Are You?

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! Though critics say the golden age of television is long gone, we’re pretty sure there are some redeeming gems to be found on the boob tube — particularly if you take a deeper look … »» Read the article

Celebrate Easter With Family Fun & Games

From our friends at Mamiverse! Easter is just around the corner and Daddy Nickell has come up with some fun, new ways to celebrate this holiday that will build the family bond and keep kids busy all day long so … »» Read the article

Get Ready To Smile: The Secrets To Raising Happy Kids

From our friends at Your Tango! When it comes to love, there’s no question that its power is all-encompassing. From its ability to instantly relieve stress to bringing complete strangers together in a warm embrace, it’s safe to say that love’s … »» Read the article

The Bachelor’s Molly Mesnick Shares Details Of Riley’s First Birthday Party

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! Believe it or not, it’s been just over a year since The Bachelor couple Molly and Jason Mesnick shared their baby shower with us. Since that time, they added Riley to their family (making … »» Read the article

Kourtney Kardashian Covers Mini Magazine’s Spring Issue

The spring issue of Mini Magazine is now out!  The modern magazine for parents features an interview with Kourtney Kardashian – who talks about her new Kardashian Kids line and shares her thoughts on raising Penelope, 1, and Mason, 4. … »» Read the article

A View On Dads & Their Diaper Disasters

From our friends at Mamiverse! We men like to maintain a facade of unflappability. Nothing… not the daily commute, a backed-up toilet, or the new puppy eating the brand new sofa, can upset our personal apple cart. Well, guys, it’s … »» Read the article

5 Celebs Who Split Up Before Marriage

From our friends at Your Tango! The American public seems to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with celebrities; sometimes we adore them (Sandra Bullock), sometimes we find them self-righteous and beyond arrogant (Donald Trump) and sometimes we don’t, … »» Read the article

Kristin Cavallari Will Not Be Vaccinating Her Children

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! It’s been four years since the medical journal that originally published the link between vaccinations and autism retracted their paper. At the time, they stated that the researcher behind the paper was not honest … »» Read the article