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Jamie Lynn Spears Locked In Custody Battle With Casey Aldridge

Just when Jamie Lynn Spears was flying high due to the effects of newfound love, she was brought back down to earth at breakneck speed thanks to her baby daddy Casey Aldridge. The young man’s mother was recently overheard saying … »» Read the article

Elin Nordegren Returns Home Without Tiger

Following months of public scrutiny after news of her husband’s infidelity broke, Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, is returning to Orlando with their children. Continue reading…

Will Madonna’s Mini-me, Lourdes, Be a Bigger Star Than Her Mom?

Sporting a grommeted leather jacket, multiple strands of beads, and a black miniskirt with ripped tights, Lourdes Ciccone Leon had everyone wondering “Who’s that girl?” as she took to the streets of New York City on February 20. Continue reading…

16 and Pregnant Season 2 Is Underway

MTV’s 16 and Pregnant started a lot of interesting discussions when it aired last year and got people thinking and talking about teen pregnancy and parenthood, sexuality, responsibility, and adulthood. Continue reading…

The Pregnant Olympian

There’s a pregnant Olympian, y’all! Kristie Moore, 30, is five-and-a-half months pregnant, and she’s an alternate on the Canadian women’s curling team. When I heard about this, my first response was WOW! My second was … what the heck is … »» Read the article

Amazing Race Mom Entrepreneurs!

Two working mother attorneys and entrepreneurs are doing their best to represent other working moms’ drive and passion by teaming up on CBS’ Amazing Race. They are smart. They are busy. And they are pushing themselves to new limits in … »» Read the article

Is Katie Price Using Her Daughter To Infuriate Her Ex?

Katie Price, aka glamour model Jordon, appears to be antagonizing her ex-husband Peter Andre via their daughter’s appearance. The most recent incident, which will be broadcast on Katie’s new reality television show ‘What Katie Did Next’ really made it difficult … »» Read the article

Scott Disick Speaks Out!

It’s been a rough couple of months for Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend and baby-daddy Scott Disick, who’s been the aim of much scrutiny for his behavior both on and off Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Scott called Ryan’s radio show Thursday … »» Read the article

See Inside Brad & Angelina’s Venice Home – Italian Opulence To the Max!

When paying a visit to a foreign land, it’s a treat to live like the locals. And if you can afford it, to live like the really really rich locals… just like the Bradgelina clan. Instead of renting out a … »» Read the article

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Supports Pete At His Fashion Show

Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz made a grand entrance at Tuesday’s Fashion Week show for his new clothing line. Check-out what Pete wore on the runway…

Tori Spelling Writing Children’s Book

According to, the actress-turned-reality star-turned-author will pen her first children’s book, titled ‘Presenting … Tallulah.’ The book — which hits stands on Sept. 21 — follows a young girl who is “constantly told what not to do.” Continue reading…

Lady Gaga at amFAR New York Gala

This week Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper helped launch this year’s Viva Glam MAC shades at the amFAR/MAC Gala. However, her hot-pink Viva Glam lipstick was not the only adornment on her face: Continue reading…

Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova Are Coming to Desperate Housewives

Sources tell E! exclusively that supermodels and reality-TV staples Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova have just signed deals today to guest star on the hit ABC series. Continue reading to find out who are Heidi and Paulina playing…

Kate Gosselin Is Coming Out With Another Book

Kate Gosselin, formerly of the reality television show Jon & Kate Plus 8 and now a BESTSELLING AUTHOR — omigod, really? — is coming out with a third book. Kate Gosselin’s new book, due for release on April 13th, is … »» Read the article

The Best and Worst : Celebrity School-Run Styles

What do you wear when taking the kids to school? Yeah, I thought so. Me too. But how does the “other half” dress up (or in Tea Leoni’s case – down…very down) for drop off time? We’ve taken a sampling … »» Read the article

19 Kids and Still Counting: Why The Duggars Will Continue to Have Children

The Duggars have been under a lot of fire recently after the recent pre-mature birth of their 19th child, Josie. Josie was born 4 months prior to her due date after mom Michelle had complications with pre-eclampsia. Criticism from the … »» Read the article

Why Pink Is A Great Role Model For Girls

Ever since her awe inspiring Grammy performance, the world is loving Pink. She was Oprah’s “it” girl on Friday and Barbara Walter’s earlier last week, but the truth is Pink was a completely amazing artist before all the hoopla. And … »» Read the article

Who Dat? Why, That’s Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise at the Super Bowl

The cry of “Who Dat” wasn’t all about the New Orleans Saints at the Super Bowl — it was also said by onlookers as cameras flashed at the sight of A-list celebrities at the big game, including Brad Pitt and … »» Read the article

Mackenzie Phillips Retracts That The Incestuous Relationship With Her Dad Was Consensual

Remember when Mackenzie Phillips came forward with the story about her ‘consensual’ sexual relationship with her Dad, John Philips that started when she was seventeen and lasted thirty years? Mackenzie now states that it was NOT consensual and that word … »» Read the article

Charlie Sheen To Be Charged With Felony

Charlie Sheen will be charged with felony menacing in connection with the Christmas Day incident with his wife, Brooke Mueller, in Aspen … this according to law enforcement sources. Continue reading…

Little Miss Perfect: Pageant Parents Go Way Too Far

When TLC released their series Toddlers to Tiaras, people were outraged by the exploitative actions of many of the parents on the show. Well if you were one of that show’s many protesters, wait until you see this. Continue reading…

Jessica Alba Uses Reverse Psychology With Daughter Honor

Actress Jessica Alba was on Live With Regis and Kelly yesterday morning showing some love for her new movie, Valentine’s Day, and talking about her sweetheart, Honor. It turns out that the 19-month-old is giving her mama a run for … »» Read the article

9 Celebrity Moms Who Opted For Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth is not for everyone. Some happily opt for the epidural, other decide that a C-section is the way to go. But others embrace the old-school way of birthin’ babies and have their kids at home or without the … »» Read the article

2009 Academy Award Nominations Announced

Nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards were announced this morning by Academy President Tom Sherak and actress Anne Hathaway. They revealed the ten nominees for Best Picture, as well as contenders for Director, Animated Feature, Foreign Language Film, and the … »» Read the article

Stephen Colbert & Daughter Madeline At The Grammys

What lottery do you have to win to end up with Stephen Colbert as your Dad? Continue reading…