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How To Help Children With Homework

From our friends at Mamiverse! I’ve heard it from other parents with older children in my daughter’s school: as soon as she enters first grade, the homework load is huge! Yeah right, I thought. How much could the teacher possibly … »» Read the article

25 Mothers Of Reinvention

It takes a lot of gumption to revise and revamp yourself professionally, especially if you’re in the throes of (or anticipating) motherhood. To inspire all moms who dream about reinventing themselves in 2014 – Working Mother spotlights these hard-working women … »» Read the article

One Father’s Advice To His Son About Women & Sex

From our friends at Your Tango! Having “the talk” with your sons will help them grow into mature and respectable men. My oldest son is about to move out and start living on his own. It’s a poignant moment for … »» Read the article

10 Most Memorable Celeb Maternity Style Statements

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! Scandal star Kerry Washington incited some controversy of her own this weekend when she took to the SAG Awards’ red carpet on Saturday in a daring, embellished Prada crop top and high-waisted skirt. “I … »» Read the article

8 Reasons You Wish Your Kid Was More Like Honey Boo Boo

From our friends over at Mommyish! A new season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo premiered on TLC on January 16! Whether you love her or not, you can’t beat Honey Boo Boo’s self-confidence. Though she may not be considered … »» Read the article

Lessons Kids Can Learn From the Super Bowl

From our friends at Mamiverse! Super Bowl Sunday isn’t all about beer, junk food, and blaring flat-screen TVs Football can actually teach your kids a lot of lessons that have have real-world applications—even if the “classroom” is your living room-turned-temporary-man … »» Read the article

Got Baby Fever? Questions To Ask Before Starting a Family

From our friends at Your Tango! For some couples, the decision to have children is something that was decided well before marriage. But for many couples, choosing whether or not to have children can be one of their most daunting … »» Read the article

18 Celebrity Moms Tackling Single Parenthood

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! Being a mom isn’t easy, but it’s especially difficult when you don’t have a partner to help. Be it due to a divorce, a death, or just fierce independence, about 24 percent of children … »» Read the article

Can Homeschooling Work for You?

From our friends at Mamiverse! When the idea of homeschooling my kids was first introduced to me, I totally balked. Images of socially backwards children with big glasses and crooked teeth flooded my mind. So you can imagine my surprise … »» Read the article

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Create Tumblr Page To Showcase Blue Ivy’s Birthday Wishes

From our friends over at Mommyish! How cute! Blue Ivy Carter‘s birthday was this week and the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z received so many virtual greetings, that her parents decided to create a tumblr just to showcase them. As … »» Read the article

Teaching Your Children To Be ‘I Can’ Kids

From our friends at Your Tango! My youngest son (14 years old) plays on a club volleyball team. At his last tournament I couldn’t stop watching a boy on the opposing team who had a truly killer spike. Later in … »» Read the article

15 Celebrities Expecting In 2014

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! New year, new babies! While the past year was packed with the addition of several exciting celebrity babies, the next few months are already shaping up to be packed with new Hollywood additions. While … »» Read the article

Has Your Child Been Embarrassed By Your Accent?

From our friends at Mamiverse! Is your child embarrassed by your Spanish, Cuban, Mexican or Puerto Rican accent? Young people do not want to be different. Youngsters wish to belong, especially to the country and to the culture they were … »» Read the article

25 Most Stylish Celeb Mom Looks of 2013

From our friends at Popsugar Moms! Whether they’re making an appearance or just hitting the playground, celeb moms prove that you can look chic and tote around a tot or two. The most stylish moms in the world — including … »» Read the article

What’s The Secret To Successful Parenting?

From our friends at Your Tango! “What can we do about Bobby?” Every parent has moments of fear and anxiety about their parenting skills and their children’s emotional health. In this era of too much pressure to get it right, … »» Read the article

10 Things Your Kids Need To Do In 2014

From our friends over at Mommyish! Resolutions are really wasted on us parents, as we are all pretty perfect. You know who really needs to resolve to improve in 2014? The little people we gave birth to. Below is a … »» Read the article

30 Things Parents Celebrate Other Than Christmas

From our friends over at Mommyish! During the holiday season, do you ever think about the things you celebrate? For some, celebrating means quietly rejoicing with happiness over good news or a fortuitous event. For others, celebrating means loudly rejoicing … »» Read the article

8 Hilarious Awkward Family Holiday Photos

Are you having one of those Decembers that has convinced you that your family is the absolute loudest, weirdest, and craziest out there? Well, our friends over at Mommyish have a nice roundup of eight hilarious images from Awkward Family … »» Read the article

Best of 2013: Amazing Pictures of Our Favorite Celebrity Families

From our friends at Popsugar Moms. Whether they were vacationing on an island or running around the city, famous families had a busy 2013. Lucky for us, the cameras were there to capture some of the picture-perfect moments. Check out … »» Read the article

North, Cricket & Rainbow: Craziest Celebrity Baby Names Of 2013

From our friends at Your Tango! If you thought North West was nuts, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The more famous the parents, the weirder the celebrity baby names! Check out these bizarre monikers for superstar tots born in 2013. … »» Read the article

Amanda Righetti Interview: Mentalist Mom

Amanda Righetti – new mother and The Mentalist actress dishes to Working Mother on family life in Hollywood, getting back in shape and the power of motherhood. WM: What have you found challenging about juggling work and new motherhood? AR: … »» Read the article

zulily: Make More Room To Play

Remember what mom used to say — a place for everything, everything in its place?  It’s time to get serious about getting your kids’ room or playroom in shape. At zulily, we’ve got some great tips and essentials to transform … »» Read the article

How To Host A Healthy Holiday Party

From our friends at Mamiverse! The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and connection; for eating, drinking, and being merry. Yet, many of us feel stressed and overwhelmed just by thinking about the holidays. So here are … »» Read the article

Gift Ideas For Even The Pickiest Of Guys

From our friends at Your Tango! When it comes to giving gifts, we love how generally low-maintenance men tend to be. We could wrap up an iTunes gift card, slap a bow on a bottle of bourbon, or even throw … »» Read the article

Best of 2013: 10 Most Exciting Celebrity Baby Debuts

From our friends at Popsugar Moms. While it’s tough to compete with the arrival of a future king, Prince George wasn’t the only baby whose birth made headlines in 2013. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson welcomed baby Ace in June, … »» Read the article