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Julia Roberts Out With Son Phinnaeus

Celebrity mom Julia Roberts is spotted out with her son Phinnaeus, 3, in Venice, CA. If you haven’t seen the recent video of Julia chasing down a paparazzi, you can see it here. What do you think of it?

Julia’s Twins Out With Their Daddy

A clean shaven Danny Moder is spotted out with his 2 1/2 year- old twins Hazel & Phinneaus. This is one family we don’t see much of, they tend to keep a very low profile. We are still waiting for … »» Read the article

The Moder twins

Julia Roberts big bodyguard, and nanny, were seen out in NYC after enjoying some park time with 2 1/2 year old twins Phinnaeus, and Hazel. At first glance the nanny looks a bit like Julia. Phinnaeus looks just like his … »» Read the article

Danny Moder takes Phinnaeus for a bike ride

Danny Moder, Julia Roberts husband, takes his son Phinnaeus, 2 1/2, for a bike ride in CA, on Saturday. More at Just Jared.

Julia Roberts & Family in Hawaii

5/23/07: Julia Roberts, husband Danny Moder, and their 2-year- old twins Hazel & Phinneaus on vacation in Hawaii. Julia is due in late June, and it is rumored to be a boy! 6/11/07 Life & Style pg. 25

Julia Roberts & Twins

5/10/07: Julia Roberts has her hands full carrying her 2-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus while shopping in Texas. Julia & hubby Danny Moder are expecting their third child late June- rumored to be a boy! We can sneak a peek … »» Read the article

Pregnant Julia Roberts & twins

Cute picture of pregnant Julia Roberts out with her 2-year old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus. Roberts is due this summer with her third child rumored to be a boy. Scan-People May 28, 2007

Phinn, Hazel & Damian

Hazel & Phinneaus Moder (2) with mom Julia Roberts. Julia and husband Danny Moder are expecting their 3rd baby late June. Damian Charles Hurley (5) with mom Liz Hurley. Father is Steve Bing. Twins full photo , Damian full photo

4/9/07 National Enquirer Scans

Julia Roberts is pregnant with her third child due this summer- rumor the baby is a boy. Phinneaus has a twin sister Hazel. Father is husband Danny Moder. Playful mom Jennifer Garner with daughter Violet Affleck. Dad is actor Ben … »» Read the article

Danny Moder takes the twins for a ride

Danny Moder takes fraternal twins Hazel and Phinnaeus out on March 8th in LA. Click here to see what they are riding on. This isn’t the first time we have seen the twins on their tandem trike. scanned from Us … »» Read the article

Pregnant Julia Roberts & son Phinn

Julia Roberts with her 2 1/2 year old son Phinnaeus, fraternal twin Hazel is not pictured. Julia is expecting baby # 3 this summer. It is rumored that she is having a boy. Image-Eonline

Julia, her bump, and the twins

Actress/mom Julia Roberts with daughter Hazel, and son Phinneaus. Father is Danny Moder. Julia is due this summer (rumor is a boy). source

The Moder Family

2/9/07: Danny, Julia and twins Hazel & Phinneaus Moder.  Julia is due with baby #3 this summer, it is rumored to be a boy. source

Pregnant Julia Roberts and Twins

Julia Roberts, approx 4-months pregnant (rumored to be with a boy) is out with twins Hazel, and Phinnaeus, 2. She looks great, and her twins are beautiful! Source

Danny Moder gives Hazel & Finn a ride

Danny Moder pushes twins Hazel & Finn, 2 down the is Julia Roberts.

Julia & Twins

The rarely seen Hazel and Phinnaeus are out with mom Julia Roberts and dad Danny Moder. Julia looks surprised to see the photographer.  What do you guy’s think?  Do you think they’re cute? Source