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The Chloe Sevigny Of Cribs

Ironic facial hair and t-shirts are one thing, but an ironic baby crib? Now that would be an accomplishment. With Album di Famiglia’s Customizable Cardboard Cot, you’ll see your entire family’s hipster quotient skyrocket. Clearly too-cool-for-nursery-school, this baby looks like … »» Read the article

Shop Like Nicole Kidman

Last month, Nicole Kidman dropped by Bundle, the charming children’s boutique in Soho, and walked away with three adorable items for baby Sunday. She bought a Tangerine Sundress by Velvet & Tweed ($85), a Little Elle Blanca Tunic Set ($84), … »» Read the article

Small Plum: Retro & Sustainable Bodysuits For Baby

There is so much to love about Small Plum‘s line of baby bodysuits. They have a very retro feel to them, and feature cute phrases such as “Peas Out,” and “Produced Locally.” They are also kind to the earth and … »» Read the article

Tried, Tested & True: Z. Daisy Pacifier Bungee!

I have spent countless times both half-alseep, or in the car, or just around the house searching high and low for a pacifier that has either been chucked across the room or magically disappeared. I never would have thought that … »» Read the article

Elisabeth Hasselback To Launch Maternity Line For Football Moms

Who better than Elisabeth Hasselback to promote a line of t-shirts for football-loving moms-to-be? As a former athletic shoe designer and the wife of onetime NFL quarterback Tim Hasselback, The View co-host and mother of two (with a third on … »» Read the article

J-Lo Introduces Eau de Baby Mama

Jennifer Lopez is all set launch the sixth fragrance in her best-selling Glow collection. The latest addition to the line-up is called My Glow to symbolize J-Lo’s latest incarnation as mother to twins Max and Emme. My Glow captures not … »» Read the article

Baby Star Bedding: Adding A Modern Touch To The Nursery

In the market for a crib set for your nursery? Baby Star, founded by mom-of-three Dana Bach Johnson, who are well known for their modern and functional line of bibs, diaper bags, baby blankets and more, also feature a stylish … »» Read the article

Tried, Tested & True: PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Support

Snugabell™ Mom & Baby Gear designs and manufactures fun & functional breastfeeding and pumping products. Their premiere product, PumpEase™, is a textile product, with a unique fashion element, that enables nursing moms to pump hands-free with style! They also offer … »» Read the article

Brangelina Loves Yon-Ka

What keeps Angelina Jolie looking so luminous from head to toe? Many think it’s the Yon-Ka products she’s been using since her make up artist introduced them to her back in 2006. Over the past three years, Jolie has displayed … »» Read the article

Tried, Tested & True: Waterpark Fun In Your Backyard

For my sons 1st birthday we received the Soak ‘n Splash Animal Park by Fisher Price. This week has been especially warm and it seems the only steady thing bringing some relief from the heat, and providing hours of fun … »» Read the article

Ec-Oooh-Chic All-Natural Bath & Body Products – Green Is The New Pink

How often do you treat yourself to some “me” time? Manicure, pedicure, facial? Many of us just don’t make enough time for ourselves, so why not pamper yourself daily with Ooohlala of Beverly Hills’ new line of all-natural body washes, … »» Read the article

“I Am Not A Paper Cup” – A Gift For Dad Under $20

Do you have the type of dad that has everything he needs already, making it impossible to think of a great Father’s Day gift? If you do, then take a peak at this cool and low priced item, the I … »» Read the article

Tried, Tested & True: “Deceptively Delicious,” Helping Parents Sneak In Veggies

I am not really a recipe girl as I like to venture off and do my own thing in the kitchen, but when I was given a copy of Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook, Deceptively Delicious, I was pleasantly surprised at how … »» Read the article

Krazy Ketchup: Sneak Some Nutrition Into Mealtime

This product really caught my eye, since I have two little boys that love ketchup and I am always on the look-out for healthy alternatives to sugary foods. Krazy Ketchup looks like normal ketchup, but is jam packed with nutritious … »» Read the article

Itzy Ritzy: Modern & Versatile Wet Bags

Swimming lessons are mandatory in our home, and after class we always find ourselves with wet clothes/bathing suits shoved into a plastic grocery bag. Not only are plastic grocery bags terrible for the environment, but they are actually very ineffective … »» Read the article

Name Your Tune: Children’s Classics With A Twist

Kids love music, and mompreneur Candace Alper has come up with an ingenious way to take classic children’s music, and turn it into the perfect gift for any occasion. Name Your Tune CD’s feature classic children’s songs and include your … »» Read the article

Tried, Tested & True: A Safe Place For Play

I was looking for a simple solution, I needed to find a way to make my 1 year-old happy when we were outside and I had work to do in the garden. I had tried to bring his playpen out, … »» Read the article

Smart Mom Jewelry: Perfect Solution For Mom & Baby

It’s an awkward scene for moms, the one where you are stuck in a situation with strangers and your baby is hungry/tired/bored and you are doing your best to keep things calm but are struggling yourself. There are two moms … »» Read the article

Organic Quilt Company: The Finest In Natural Baby Neccessities

If you are in search of a thoughtful and unique gift for a baby shower or new baby gift, the Organic Quilt Company has you covered, with a lineup of handmade blankets, burp cloths, knotty hats, quilts and bibs. Owner … »» Read the article

Smiling Planet: A Healthy Alternative For Mealtime

How refreshing to find a product that is completely non-toxic and made of recycled materials for our children. Smiling Planet, a California based company, has created adorable plates with the earth in mind. Not only are these plates cute and … »» Read the article

Hedvig Bourbon: The Search For A Perfect Diaper Bag Is Over

How many diaper bags have you been through trying to find the perfect one? Mom-of-two Hedvig Bourbon experienced the same problem, and has developed the perfect diaper bag that is both chic and functional with a very unique strap system … »» Read the article

Nursery Style: Wall Art For Your Little One

This is a gift idea that both mom and child can enjoy. Grace Annoucements owner Lindsay Brewda has created a line of funky wall art featuring your child’s name! Not only is this a great looking piece of art for … »» Read the article

The Baby Gardner: Vintage Inspired Finds

Take a trip back to your childhood today with a visit to The Baby Gardner. This quaint online boutique is loaded with nostalgic and timeless pieces ranging anywhere from baby shower favours, or handmade pillows and quilts, to adorable vintage … »» Read the article

Tried, Tested & True: Baby Bjorn

I got my Baby Bjorn as a gift when my first daughter Grace was born. I really didn’t use it much with her, but 17 months later when I had my second baby – it became a life saver. I … »» Read the article

Tried, Tested & True: A Stroller For Two

A stroller is one of the biggest purchases new parents make and it can be a daunting task searching the internet for reviews, looking for the highest quality product at a reasonable price. I was recently in this position myself. … »» Read the article