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Thomas Beatie: “I Won’t Have Another Child”

In the latest In Touch magazine, Thomas Beatie – the first man to give birth and famously dubbed ‘The Pregnant Man’ – reveals that he’s ready to close a big chapter in his controversial life. “I’m 99 percent sure I … »» Read the article

Thomas Beatie: “Being Pregnant Is The Most Incredible Experience”

If Thomas Beatie – A.K.A “The Pregnant Man” – had his way, there would be a fourth pitter patter of little footsteps running through his home. “Being pregnant is the most incredible experience,” the 38-year-old father-of-three shares with the Sunday … »» Read the article

‘Pregnant Man’ Thomas Beatie Plans For Fourth Child

“Pregnant Man” Thomas Beatie and his wife, Nancy, are making plans to expand their history-making family. Transgender male Thomas made headlines in June 2008 when he became the first man to have a baby. The couple are now parents to … »» Read the article

Thomas Beatie: “I Want To Be A Surrogate”

Thomas Beatie – who the media has labeled as the ‘pregnant man’ – tells Life & Style about his new mission to help families in need. I want to be a surrogate,” he says. “When I was first approached with … »» Read the article

Style vs Sex Identity – ‘Pregnant Man’ Talks About Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

There is a great deal of ongoing chatter about the style of clothing worn by Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The 4 year old daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie generally appears in androgynous outfits that are throwing fuel on the fires … »» Read the article

Thomas Beatie Welcomes Baby No. 3!

Thomas Beatie – who the media has labeled as the ‘pregnant man’ – and his wife Nancy have welcomed their third child, RadarOnline reports. A source close to the family reveals that it’s another boy for the Beaties: “He’s got … »» Read the article

Thomas Beatie Pregnant With Baby No. 3!

Thomas Beatie – who the media has labeled as the pregnant man – is pregnant for a third time! Beatie and his wife Nancy – who have a daughter Susan, 1 1/2, and an 8-month-old son – are expecting baby … »» Read the article

Thomas Beatie Welcomes A Son!

Thomas Beatie, who the media has labeled as the “pregnant man,” gave birth to his second child, a healthy baby boy early this morning (June 9), 20/20 reports. Sources state that it was a “natural childbirth” and that the boy … »» Read the article

Thomas Beatie & Family Land In Spain

Thomas Beatie – labeled “the pregnant man” by the media – arrived with his family – wife Nancy and daughter Susan, 5 months tomorrow – at the Madrid airport in Spain. Thomas is expecting a second baby, but there is … »» Read the article

Thomas Beatie Is Pregnant Again

The so-called “pregnant man” Thomas Beatie – who is still biologically a woman, even though he looks like and considers himself a man – is pregnant with his second child, he revealed to Barbara Walters. Thomas is in his first … »» Read the article

Thomas Beatie Introduces His Daughter: Susan Juliette

Thomas Beatie, better known around the world as the Pregnant Man, can already sense that his 3-week-old daughter is easygoing and smart, “She’s easygoing and mellow and intelligent.” On June 29 at 8:55 p.m., Beatie, 34, a former woman, made … »» Read the article

Pregnant Man Gives Birth To A Girl!

Thomas Beatie, the transgender man who has become known as “the pregnant man,” gave birth on Sunday to a healthy baby girl, ABC News is reporting. Thomas gave birth naturally at a hospital in Bend, Oregon, “She’s really cute, really … »» Read the article