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Tilda Swinton Worries About Twins’ Safety

Tilda Swinton admits she frets over her 14-year-old twins Honor and Xavier. Currently promoting her new movie, We Need To Talk About Kevin, the actress says she’s never away too long from the children. She says, “Twins. Just turned 14. … »» Read the article

Tilda Swinton: It’s Every Expectant Woman’s Nightmare To “Give Birth To The Devil”

Tilda Swinton talks seriously about her role in the film We Need To Talk About Kevin and being a mom to 13-year-old twins Honor and Xavier. The actress tells Vogue UK that she’s had to make sacrifices for her children, … »» Read the article

Tilda Swinton Feels “Lucky” To Have Instantly Bonded With Her Twins

Tilda Swinton says feeling an immediate connection with her twins Honor and Xavier when they were born 13 years ago made her realize that not everyone has maternal instincts. “When they were born I remember very precisely looking at them … »» Read the article

Tilda Swinton Gets Real About Childbirth & Motherhood

In her latest film, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton portrays a parent whose 15-year-old son commits a massacre at his school, giving audiences a stark depiction of motherhood that’s not often seen in Hollywood, much … »» Read the article