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Kimochis: Helping Your Child Express Feelings

What does every parent want for their child at holiday season and any time of year? A happy, healthy, confident child. Kimochis (KEY.MO.CHEES) means “Feeling” in Japanese and is an award-winning educational toy that helps children learn to understand and … »» Read the article

Dream Jam Band: Music That Will Have Your Child Singing, Dancing and Learning

What if you could put in a CD for your child that was engaging, fun, educational and you could actually enjoy it too? The Dream Jam Band was formed under these exact principles. Comprised of entertainers, musicians and teachers, The … »» Read the article

Totsy Sample Sales: Save in Style

Like getting 80% off baby and kids’ stuff? Then this is your lucky day! The list of private online shopping clubs with huge sample sales are exploding these days – lucky for all of us! Now we’re excited to present … »» Read the article

Clementine Art: Eco-friendly Kids Art Supplies

Enjoy doing art projects with your kids? Then you’ll love Clementine Art, a natural, fresh, real way of doing art with children. This full line of natural paint, glue, modeling dough, crayons, crayon ‘rocks’ and markers is inviting and open-ended, … »» Read the article

MyWallaby Doll Carrier: The Doll Carrying Purse

Every little girl wants to carry their baby dolls like mom does. Now she can with MyWallaby Doll Carrier. This pint size baby doll carrier is perfect for every girl’s favorite doll or stuffed animal. Girls will also love the … »» Read the article

Happy Blankie: One to Love and One to Give

We recently discovered Happy Blankie, soft, oversized cuddly animals that are the perfect combination of stuffed animal and blanket. Pretty neat right? But that’s not the best part. Every time someone buys a Happy Blankie, an identical blanket is given … »» Read the article

KidsErasers: Making Homework Fun

Who knew that making a mistake could be so much fun! Kids will be a little more excited about doing their homework with KidsErasers. This entertaining collection of erasers will turn every child (and many parents) into pencil users. With … »» Read the article

Carry Me Babies T-Shirts: Doll Carrier & Shirt in One

Kids like to carry their toys and dolls with them wherever they go. Keeping tracking of them, however, usually falls on the shoulders of mom or dad. Carry Me Babies has just made parents’ lives a little easier with its … »» Read the article

Fandangling: Turn Your Fan into a Fun Mobile

Almost every parent invests in a baby crib mobile. Babies just love them because it calms them when they’re trying to go to sleep. Once they’re old enough to pull the mobile down, however, most parents remove them. For those … »» Read the article

Zulily: Daily Deals on Favorite Kids Brands

With nearly every famous designer spinning off kid’s lines, it’s become harder and harder for busy moms to keep up with their mini fashionistas, especially on a budget (Suri Cruise buying up $800 Ferragamo handbags isn’t helping). As busy moms … »» Read the article

WorryWoos Book & Plush: Helping Kids Understand Emotions

Most kids experience feeling lonely, sad, happy and mad, but don’t always know what to do with their feelings. The world of Worry Woos was created to help them understand and cope. In this first of a kind award winning … »» Read the article

Miss Brittany’s Organic Fun Dough

Brooke Shields, Marcia Cross and Jessica Alba all keep their tots busy with Miss Brittany’s Preschool Organic Fun Dough. Just like the classic, except that it’s organic. Made of 100% nontoxic and recyclable materials, so parents don’t need to worry … »» Read the article

Nickelodeon: Kids Cameras & Webcams

For young fans of Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants, Sakar International has released a series of digital cameras, video cameras and webcams themed with their favorite characters for creative play. Value-added extras like interactive software based on … »» Read the article

Monopoly: The Championship Edition of a Classic Family Game

Winter definitely starts to feel a little long this time of year. Not too excited about another dull night in front of the television? Time to turn off the tv and host a good ol’ fashioned family game night. Find … »» Read the article

Cocoa Canard: V-day Chocolate Rubber Ducky

The classic yellow rubber ducky is no longer just for the tub. Now, thanks to Celebriducks, they’re available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and themes. These fun favorites have become a collector’s item for kids and adults alike. … »» Read the article

Cloud B: Plush Toys for Better Sleep

Celebrity Baby Scoop was recently introduced to Cloud B, a children’s toy company specializing in plush toys that help children sleep better. Cloud B, the baby sleep specialist, was established by two new mothers with the philosophy that every baby … »» Read the article

Little Pim: French Bop CDs & Flash Cards

We love Little Pim and just recently reviewed their fun DVDs as one of our “Tried, Tested & True” products. A couple of months ago Little Pim added two new products to their award winning line and I was super … »» Read the article

Kimochi: Emotion & Feeling Toys

One of the hottest products in educational toys this year are the Kimochis…toys with feelings inside. The perfect gift for toddlers (and their parents). With an already strong following, even celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner can’t … »» Read the article

The Patchwork Bear: Cherishable Keepsakes & Unique Gifts

This is one company that is truly unique! Founded in 2004 by Jennifer Cura, The Patchwork Bear offers beautiful homemade teddy bears, quilts and pillows using buttery soft minky and chenille fabrics. They even offer customization options! Whether it be … »» Read the article

Tried, Tested & True: Kushies Stacrobats

As a mom, I am forever on the lookout for innovative and creative toys for my kids. Kushies is renowned for their quality children’s products and their toy line Zolo is nothing short of fantastic! Inspired by EQ, the Theory … »» Read the article