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Actress Angelina Jolie adopted a six-month-old girl from Ethiopia, Zahara Marley, on July 6, 2005. Zahara was born on January 8, 2005. She was originally named Yemsrach by her mother, and was later given the legal name Tena Adam at an orphanage. Jolie adopted her from Wide Horizons For Children orphanage in Addis Ababa. Shortly after they returned to the United States, Zahara was hospitalized for dehydration and malnutrition. In 2007, media outlets reported Zahara’s biological mother, Mentewabe Dawit, was still alive and wanted her daughter back, but she later denied these reports, saying she thought Zahara was “very fortunate” to be adopted by Jolie.

Partner, Brad Pitt was reportedly present when Jolie signed the adoption papers and collected her daughter; later Jolie indicated that she and Pitt made the decision to adopt Zahara together. On January 19, 2006, a judge in California approved Pitt’s request to legally adopt Jolie’s two children. Their surnames were formally changed to “Jolie-Pitt”.


Look who took Zahara to Baskin-Robbins

2 year old Zahara is getting big! Click HERE to see the full photo of dad Brad Pitt and Zahara leaving Baskin-Robbins with an ice cream cake in Hollywood on Saturday. Source:PEOPLE

Pax & Zahara on the cover of Gala


Angie, Zahara & Pax

3/21/07: Angelina, Zahara (2) & Pax (3) board her private jet as they prepare to leave Hanoi’s airport in Vietnam.  View images  Here

Brad, Angelina, Zahara & Shiloh

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take a stroll with daughters Shiloh and Zahara in New Orleans. Photo credit-Splash News,,

Angie with Zahara


Brad, Angelina, Zahara, an Shiloh

Brad and Angelina take the kids for a stroll in New Orleans. Zahara (2), and Shiloh (9-months) enjoy the ride. jjb

Zahara at the beach

Brad, Angelina & Kids (Shiloh too!)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are pictured in Cambodia with their three children; Maddox, 5, Zahara, 23-months, and Shiloh 7-months Shiloh, whose name means "the peaceful one" The beautiful pictures of seven-month-old Shiloh are the first to be seen since … »» Read the article

Brand, Angelina & Kids in NYC


Brad & Angelina Leave India

The Jolie-Pitt clan finally leave India after filming Mighty Heart for a month.  Angelina is holding Shiloh almost 6-months.  Brad has double duty holding Maddox 5, and baby Zahara.  From the looks of the pictures it is probably early morning … »» Read the article

Baby Zahara with Brad

Brad Pitt holding tight to Zahara who is almost two.  Check out her bangle bracelets! Source

More pictures of Brangelina family

  The beautiful people, living the good life.  I know most of you have seen these pictures but celebitchy had some good scans that I wanted to share. Source: celebitchy

Closer look at Brangelina Baby

Check out for a closer look at the Jolie-Pitt family

Jolie – Pitt Clan

The whole famdamily together!  Source: Gala

Brad, Angelina & Family in Santa Barbara

Brad, Angelina & kids are back in Santa Barbara, California. Check out the pictures on of them cruising around in a white Chevrolet Suburban SUV. There are also some pics of Brad on his motorcycle. Source: Just Jared

Angelina & Kids in New Orleans

Both Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt were in New Orleans this week. This picture shows Angelina out and about with Maddox and Zahara in tow. Where is baby Shiloh? Why is it that she can bring Maddox and Zahara everywhere, … »» Read the article