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Angelina Jolie: We’ll Wed If The Kids Ask Us To

A-listers Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not made marriage a priority. However, that could change with a request from six special people.

I think it would be hard to say no to the kids,” Angelina admitted today on ABC’s Good Morning America in an excerpt of an interview airing Monday night on Nightline. But so far, the kids don’t seem to care. “They’re not asking,” Angelina says. “They are very aware that nothing’s missing.”

The sexy mother of six, who stars in the new spy thriller Salt, touches on other aspects of her family in the interview. She says they’re torn on the idea of adding to the family.

“We always have this thing, first thing in the morning, where we’re really, really tired, and we look at each other and we wonder, Are we ever going to get sleep?” the actress says. “And yet we still love the idea of having more children.”

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Virginia Madsen Uses Her Son As Inspiration For New Acting Role

Virginia Madsen, starring in the new ABC series Scoundrels, said it was no problem coming up with the “motivation” for her now role in the series, where she plays a criminal mother of four.

In an interview with the New York Post, Virginia says her 15-year-old son Jack, whose father is actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. is a combination of two of her sons on the show, “He embodies both personalities,” she said.

And while her character on Scoundrels is shown having a hard time with her teenagers, Virginia admits that she “loves having a teenager.” She also thinks her son will get a kick out of seeing her yell at her television kids, ““My son is gonna find this show funnier than anyone else, because this is how I yell [in real life] — and as a parent you yell a lot.”

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Tori Spelling: Kids Are Having A Hard Time With Dean’s Accident

Dean McDermott, husband to Tori Spelling, has been recovering from a motorcyle accident the actor and reality star experienced on June 29.

The good news is he is out of ICU and back at home with Tori and their two kids, Liam, 3, and Stella, 2. The bad news is the kids are having a rough time seeing their dad in the state he is in.

Tori tells People that it’s especially difficult for Liam, “Liam’s a daddy’s boy, so he wants Dean to pick him up and we have to explain that daddy’s sick, that he’s hurt, so he can’t get up.”

Fortunately, Tori reports that while she doesn’t know how long the recovery will take, Dean has been “taking a short walk every day.”

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    Angie Harmon Wants To Raise “Strong Southern Women”

    Law & Order star Angie Harmon plans on moving her brood out of Hollywood, saying she wants to raise her daughters Finley Faith, 6, Avery Grace, 5, and Emery Hope, 1, elsewhere.

    “We just had another baby, and I’ve got three little girls now,” the beautiful 37-year-old mom tells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “So my husband [Jason Sehorn] and I were going to move out of Los Angeles and go somewhere in the South, where I can raise some strong Southern women with morals, ethics and values.”

    The move is on hold for now because Angie has signed on to a new drama titled Rizzoli & Isles, but she notes, “once we finish shooting this first season, sometime in August, we’re definitely going to move, for the kids.”

    Aside from a busy career, Angie says that life with her three girls keeps her on her toes.

    “Now that the baby is walking, I’ve got the three kids running around like crazy. All my off time is spent with them.”

    Rizzoli & Isles premieres on TNT tonight.

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    Nicolas Cage’s Son Will Watch Daddy On Screen For First Time

    Actor Nicolas Cage, best known for decidedly un-family friendly fare like Con-Air and Face-Off has finally found a movie he feels comfortable letting his youngest son, 4-year-old Kal watch.

    In fact, Nic tells People that he won’t even let Kal watch a minute or two of his films if one comes on the television at home, saying, “My movie comes on TV at home [and] I always shut it off. I don’t like him seeing my movies.”

    That changed week when Nic’s new movie, The Sorceror’s Apprentice, premiered last week in New York City. Nic allowed Kal to see the movie, but he still express doubts about how Kal will react: “This is the first time my youngest son is ever going to see me in a movie, so we’ll see what happens.”

    The Sorceror’s Apprentice will be released nation wide on July 14.

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    Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady’s California Cutie

    Model mom Gisele Bündchen, husband Tom Brady and their adorable 7-month-old son Benjamin looked like one big happy family as they left a doctor’s office in Santa Monica, Calif. on Monday (July 12).

    The 29-year-old Brazilian beauty recently said that baby Benjamin was potty trained at six months! She said that he’s on a schedule that includes breastfeeding in the morning and afternoon, promptly followed by a poop, making it easy for her to put him on the toilet and eliminate the use of a diaper. “Give it about five minutes, and bang,” the model mom admitted with a laugh.

    Tom is also dad to son Jack, who turns 3 next month, with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.

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