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Brendan Fraser Promotes Healthy Eating With Humor

Brendan Fraser‘s new slapstick comedy, Furry Vengeance, has him coping with the animals and humans who all want a piece of him. The 41-year-old father of three boys – Griffin, 7 1/2, Holden, 5 1/2, and Leland, 3 1/2 – talks to Parade about the film’s eco-friendly message and how he uses the outtakes to get his sons to eat their vegetables.

On getting his kids to eat their veggies: “I had the gag reel from the film with every take of me being humiliated and smashed and trashed. So I’d use it as a reward to get my kids to eat their vegetables. I’d be like, ‘Eat your broccoli and you can watch dad fall down again.'”

On the eco-friendly message to kids: “We all know that we should reuse, recycle, repair, respect, and return to the way we used to do things. But I think it’s especially important to remind kids of that. They have great fun when they see this movie, but they also get the point about preserving nature. I was at a screening where some of them were actually quite indignant about the forest and all the creatures great and small being threatened for a development project. They’re rooting for the furry guys all the way through it.”

Continue reading at Parade….

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Ellen Pompeo: “Stella Luna’s Schedule Is What’s Important Right Now”

Ellen Pompeo radiates the May 2010 cover of California Style magazine and opens up about 7-month-old daughter Stella Luna and her fears of staying Meredith Grey forever.

On Stella Luna’s schedule: “Stella Luna’s schedule is what’s important right now. Her life doesn’t need to be as chaotic as mine. In the afternoon, she goes out into the yard under the olive trees to watch the birds and my dogs. She knows exactly when her bottle is coming. She doesn’t need much more than that. And I’m at work saying, ‘Let’s hurry it up so I can get out of here at 4:30.'”

On keeping Stella Luna out of the Hollywood limelight: “I’m a big girl so I can handle the scrutiny. I signed up for this life, and it’s a luxury problem to have. But I want to keep my daughter out of it.”

On Grey’s Anatomy: “If the show ended right now, I’d still be thrilled. I want to do something different and go on auditions again and do something scary. Maybe I’ve forgotten how to act? Maybe I’ll be Meredith Grey forever.”


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    Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

    Violet wears Kula Klips

    Use the code “birthday4” until the end of April for 25% off in celebration of their 4th anniversary!

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    Joey Lawrence Introduces Liberty Grace

    Meet Liberty Grace Lawrence!

    Dancing with the Stars contestant Joey Lawrence shows off his adorable newborn daughter, Liberty Grace, in the latest edition of Life & Style. Joey also opens up about his wife Chandie’s complications during her pregnancy and the joys of being a father again.

    On finding out Chandie had RH disease 6 weeks into the pregnancy: “We had to go to the specialist every 24 hours during the last two or three weeks of the pregnancy. We were so worried. We wanted to get Libby out so bad.”

    On Liberty’s first five days in the neonatal intensive care unit: “They handed her to me even before they cleaned her off,” Joey says about Libby, who weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces at birth. “I held her for a second, and then they took her from me and locked her in a tube.”

    On trying for a boy: “Our family of four is perfect. We’d love to try for a boy, but unfortunately we’d have to deal with the Rh stuff every time. So if it’s not in the cards, then that’s okay. We’re blessed with two healthy girls.”

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    Melissa Etheridge On Break-Up: “It’s Been A Long Time Coming”

    After seven years of marriage, rocker Melissa Etheridge recently announced that she is calling it quits with her wife Tammy Lynn. The Come to my Window singer opened up to OK! about the break-up and raising their 3-year-old twins, daughter Johnnie and son Miller.

    On the break-up: “It’s been a long time coming. It’s hard, as any of these things are. It’s hard to do it in public because there’s no easy sound bite to say, this is what happened and so this is what’s going on. And even if I did, the perspectives would always be different so there’s a lot of sadness. And yet, she’ll always be in my life because we have two children.”

    On the kids: “They’re wonderful. There’s a lot of interaction because of the kids and we keep that going and that’s good. Being a mom takes up most of my time and most of my energy. I’m going to be touring all summer and the kids will come with me.”

    Head over to OK! for the rest of the interview…

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