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Cimilce Diesel Makes A Splash!

Tough guy Vin Diesel shared a glimpse of his softer side recently as he posted a photo of himself & his daughter on Facebook.

The photo, which depicts Vin and his 22-month-old daughter, Cimilce, taking a dip in the pool, was captioned:

The Alpha Angel’s first swimming lesson… time to celebrate life.

Earlier this week it was announced that the 42-year-old actor will being reuniting with his Fast and the Furious cohort, Paul Walker, 36, for the fifth installment highly profitable franchise.

Cimilce’s mother is Vin’s girlfriend Paloma Jimenez.

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Jenny McCarthy: “I’m Gonna Rock As A Grandma”

Jenny McCarthy, 37, and Jim Carrey, 48, are about to become grandparents in the next few weeks! Jim’s 22-year-old daughter, Jane, from his first marriage to Melissa Womer is due to give birth in early March.

Jenny, who is mom to 7 1/2-year-old son Evan, told Us that she can’t wait to be called grandma. “I’m really excited. I think I’m gonna rock as a grandma.”

The former Playboy model said that Jane has been asking her for advice. “She called me up saying, ‘Can I take Tylenol?’ We have an awesome relationship. I consider her my daughter.”

The youngest grandmother in Hollywood vows to keep her “mouth shut,” unless asked.

Mother-in-laws can get annoying once you have a baby because they’re trying to tell you how to raise your baby, and I don’t like anyone telling me how to raise my baby. So I have to learn how to just stay out of it and keep my mouth shut and only give advice when needed. I think that’s what makes a cool grandma – to shut up!”

Does your mother-in-law keep her opinions to herself?

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Suri Cruise’s Acting Aspirations

It looks as though Suri Cruise is hoping to join the family business!

After two recent trips to see the musical performance of Mary Poppins, with parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the adorable 3-year-old is feeling inspired.

Mary Poppins had Suri entranced,” a source tells OK! magazine. “She was already interested in acting because of her parents, but watching the play has made her even more determined to pursue it.”

Previously, when asked whether he’d like to see his daughter follow in his footsteps, Tom replied: “I’d love it. Acting is work I love. I love to create life and give energy, create characters and create stories.”

What do you think? Will we see Suri’s name in lights someday?

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Latest Dish

    Kendra Wilkinson: Lil Hank & I Are Going To The Super Bowl

    Super Bowl weekend is upon us and new mom Kendra Wilkinson can’t contain her excitement! Kendra’s husband, Hank Baskett, plays for the Indianapolis Colts who will face off against the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. And not to mention, she plans to bring her 8-week-old son Hank Baskett IV to watch papa in action!

    Kendra just wrote about the upcoming “HUGE” weekend on her official website:

    Hi everyone!!! This weekend is a HUGE one for me and my family…not only is Hank’s team going to the Superbowl, but lil Hank and I are going with him! A lot of big firsts for the lil man…first plane, first time away from home, first football game! It’s pretty incredible that his first football game experience just happens to be the SUPERBOWL!!! Not many people can say that lol.

    He’ll obviously be rocking his Colts jersey and to be honest I think he’ll probably look better in it than most of the players hahaha.

    I can’t wait to watch my hubby on the field with our lil angel in my arms! What could be better?!? GO COLTS!!!!!”

    Who will you be cheering for this Sunday?

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    Report: Jon Gosselin Will Let Kids Be Filmed If TLC Drops Lawsuit

    According to, dad-of-eight Jon Gosselin, says he is willing to let TLC film his children again, but only if the network drops the lawsuit against him.

    However, this would not mean the return of Jon & Kate Plus 8. One source says that the network would never let Jon come back: “You can be sure that if the kids come back to TLC it will be only with Kate, not with Jon,” says the source. “And there’s no guarantee that will happen either.”

    Jon, who is facing trial for breach of contract, is currently being restricted from cashing in on his reality TV fame and is no longer on TLC payroll.

    His attorney, Mark Heller, tells “You haven’t seen the last of Jon Gosselin.”

    Jon’s trial is scheduled to begin this Spring.

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    Mackenzie Phillips Retracts That The Incestuous Relationship With Her Dad Was Consensual

    Remember when Mackenzie Phillips came forward with the story about her ‘consensual’ sexual relationship with her Dad, John Philips that started when she was seventeen and lasted thirty years?

    Mackenzie now states that it was NOT consensual and that word always seemed wrong to her while she was writing her book ‘High on Arrival’.

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