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Brad Pitt Buys The House Next Door

When you have six kids, well you better have a whole lot of running around room. Brad Pitt apparently knows this very well and has just made a real estate purchase to expand the family’s compound in the hills of Los Feliz in Los Angeles.

Brad bought the house next door for $1.1 million. The home is a 3,232-square foot 20’s era home that has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and even has a secret cave! It was originally $2 but it was reduced to $1.495. But Brad, he got it for just $1.1 million. Check out photos of him and Angelina’s new house at
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Experts Weigh In On Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Tomboy Look

Are A-list parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sending the wrong message to their 3 1/2-year-old daughter Shiloh by often dressing her up like a little boy? Manhattan psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, who pens a column in Metro newspaper called No More Drama, weighs in on the subject with Us.

Shiloh at three years old may very well be expressing her preference for certain clothing and playing a role in what she wears. This is quite healthy as she is learning to make choices and think independently. If though, Brad and Angelina are dressing Shiloh in boys clothing to make a social or fashion statement, I suggest they stop,” Alpert continues. “It’s never a good idea for parents to defy societal or cultural norms at the expense of their child to make such statements — it comes with a cost.” (Brad and Angie have used their relationship to take a stand against inequality, saying they won’t wed until gay marriage is legalized.)

Alpert goes on to say that Shiloh could be at risk of being, “picked on or ostracized by her peers, potentially leading to social problems, anxiety, and poor academic performance” when she enters school.

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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Charli wears a Creative Clips by Colleen Pink Feather Headband – $12

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Mary Lynn Rajskub Channels Mom Experience For 24

This season’s scripts are striking a familiar chord for 24 stars Mary Lynn Rajskub and Kiefer Sutherland.

Mary Lynn, who in real life is mom to 17-month-old son Valentine, says of her character Chloe: “When I start, I’m behind at the CTU because I’ve been at home being a mum. So I have to catch up. It makes the stakes a little bit higher for my character, because she has a kid to worry about. And I have a kid in real life, so it sort of feeds into my work, a little bit.”

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Charlie Sheen Has Court Order To Visit Wife In ICU

Charlie Sheen‘s wife, Brooke Mueller, has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit with a high fever and an infection following mouth surgery. Brooke’s lawyer said the new development might again delay a court hearing in the domestic violence case involving her husband.

In the meantime, a judge has just signed an emergency order allowing Charlie to be in Brooke’s hospital room and communicate with her, TMZ reports. The court order says Charlie “shall terminate any contact immediately upon the request of Ms. Sheen or any of her health care providers.” The order also states that Charlie is not permitted to harass Brooke.

The lawyers in the case will meet with the Aspen judge Thursday morning (January 21) at 9:00 AM to discuss the status of the case.

Charlie and Brooke are parents to 10-month-old sons Bob and Max.

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Which Mamas Have Got Milk?

They say milk does a body good, and from the looks of it, there are quite a few famous mamas who agree with that sentiment. Brooke Shields showed off her glorious gams and Rebecca Romijn held her two darling girls in her arms, both while sporting their milkstaches. Brooke’s ad speaks to the busy mom while Rebecca’s touts the power of the white stuff. Check out who else has lent her upper lip to the milk campaign at
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