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Nahla Aubry Is A Cuddly Cutie

What a doll! Halle Berry and her gorgeous 18-month-old daughter Nahla Aubry were spotted arriving at a birthday party in Los Angeles on Saturday (September 19). The 42-year-old Academy Award-winning actress carried a personalized water bottle for Nahla and a large gift bag for the birthday kid.

The Monster’s Ball actress recently denied that she is pregnant, blaming burgers for the bump: “I was getting a complex! Because I was like, I’ve got to stop with the burgers or something!”

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Rielle Hunter & Frances Quinn: Jersey Girls

Rielle Hunter was spotted with her 1 1/2-year-old daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter, in sunny New Jersey on Sunday (Sept. 20). Rielle, 45, is an actress and film producer, best known for having had an affair with Democratic Party presidential candidate John Edwards.

According to Andrew Young’s proposed book, Senator John Edwards is the father of baby Frances. The juicy book tells the tale of Young’s long friendship with the Edwards family, his attempt to help Edwards by taking a pregnant Rielle Hunter into his home to live with him and his wife, Cheri, and their three children, and the fallout when the press (and Elizabeth Edwards) caught wind of the plan.

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Coleen Rooney: Manchester Mom-To-Be

With just weeks to go until her due date, UK TV personality Coleen Rooney looked great today as she made her way to Old Trafford for the Manchester Derby, where her footballer husband Wayne Rooney was playing.

Earlier this month the mom-to-be told OK! that she’s looking forward to her little one’s arrival, saying, “At the end you just get a bit fed up and because you’re getting bigger you can’t wait to meet the baby.”

The baby on the way is the first for Coleen and Wayne, both 23.

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Clive Owen Talks About Parenting & His New Role

The dashing Clive Owen plays a widowed father in his new film The Boys Are Back. The family drama is based on a true story about a journalist whose wife dies from cancer, leaving him to raise a young son and a teenager.

The actor spoke to the Vancouver Sun while staying at his Toronto hotel, the night before the movie’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

He said that although the character he plays seems like a departure to who Clive is in reality, it didn’t seem like one. It was exciting for him to explore the different parenting styles of fathers and mothers.

“It felt like I was exploring a big part of my life that I haven’t explored in my work before.”

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Christy Turlington: Model Mom & Activist

Fifteen years into her retirement, Christy Turlington has plenty to keep her busy. British newspaper The Times recently caught up with the 40-year-old supermodel mom, who has kids Grace, 5, and Finn, 3, with her husband Ed Burns, about her family life and new career path.

Long involved in health and human rights issues, Christy is currently completing a master’s degree in Public Health at Columbia University. She also spent the past year traveling to Tanzania, Bangladesh and Guatemala working on a self-financed film on maternal health titled, No Woman, No Cry.

In an interview with Vogue last month, Christy talked about the movie – and her new career.

“Now I’m 40 and getting this degree, I might be on the cusp of the career that I always wanted. Maternal deaths mean there are very serious things going on under the radar about women’s status. There is aid for children, but without mothers, what are their chances of survival? International health-care reform is moving toward the American model, but it’s broken. The United States ranks forty-first in maternal health. I think one of the reasons we’re doing more Cesarean sections here is because that means more people in the delivery room, and the hospital can charge you for four days instead of two. It’s all for profit and not about taking care of people.”

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Jeff Foxworthy: I’ve Learned A Lot From Kids

Once known for his “you might be a redneck if…” one-liners, Jeff Foxworthy is now known for making us question our educational background in his hit TV quiz show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Jeff and his wife of 24 years, Pamela Gregg, have two daughters, Jordan, 17, and Julianne, 15. The 51-year-old stand-up comedian/actor/TV host wrote this thoughtful article for PARADE, outlining the many lessons he’s learned from his own two daughters and from the smart kids on his show.

“I get all kinds of people coming up to me in the grocery store and at Home Depot, but instead of shouting, “Hey, I’m a redneck!” like they used to, they say, “Guess what? I’m not smarter than a fifth-grader!” That’s the big appeal of the show—every adult thinks he can do it, and then he finds out pretty quickly that even if he learned it once, it’s gone now! You look at your brain and you wonder, Why did it decide to keep the file with all the words to the Gilligan’s Island theme song but delete anything about triangles?

I’ve learned a lot from working with the kids themselves. For starters, I’ve learned that they’re much more capable than we believe they are. We’re probably the most overprotective generation of parents that’s ever been on this planet, but I’ve found that if you turn a group of kids loose in the outdoors, they learn to work together. They learn how to build forts and solve problems, like, How do we cross this ditch or this creek? That’s how we all find out what we’re capable of. Best of all, they figure out how to entertain themselves without electricity. Amazing!

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