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Christina Milian & The-Dream Are Expecting

Christina Milian is pregnant!

US magazine is reporting that the 27-year-old singer and her new husband, music producer The-Dream (real name Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash), are expecting their first child.

After announcing their engagement in July, the couple tied the knot Vegas-style just last week, exchanging vows at the Little White Wedding Chapel.

A source close to the pair tells US, “The pregnancy was a surprise, but they were getting married regardless.”

The dad-to-be talked to US this summer about having a family, saying, “I love kids, and [Christina] loves kids probably more than I do. She’ll make that time [to have a baby]. In the next couple of years, there’ll be something around.”

Congratulations to them!

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Maggie Gyllenhaal: “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”

Maggie Gyllenhaal stepped out from brother Jake’s shadow when she starred in the 2002 sadomasochistic comedy Secretary. The 31-year-old mom-of-one went on to become a Hollywood star in such films as Sherrybaby, Trust the Man and The Dark Knight. Maggie wrote a thoughtful article for Working Mother, focusing on how she juggles her love for working with her love for her 2 1/2-year-old daughter Ramona.

“Growing up in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by plenty of working moms, including my grandmother, a pediatrician, and my mother, a writer and producer. This seemed very natural to me. I just thought, Well, that’s what moms do. They work and raise their kids. I was brought up to believe I could do anything I wanted professionally and, of course, be a mother at the same time—but I’m finding that it’s complicated. It requires a lot of thought and planning, and I haven’t figured it out yet.

Now that I have my own daughter, there are definitely times I think, Why do I have a job? Sometimes I fantasize about staying home with Ramona all day, so that I don’t miss a thing in this amazing 2-year-old’s life. But I’m an artist; I love my job. And I work on projects that inspire me. I feel very, very lucky to be in the position where going to work means I’m feeding myself. As a mother, you have to make sure you do that, because that will nourish your child, too.

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Zac Brown Welcomes A Daughter!

Singer Zac Brown, who received four Country Music Association nominations on Wednesday, has even bigger news to share – the arrival of his third daughter!

Zac and wife Shelly welcomed Georgia Sloan Brown at 11:50pm on Wednesday, September 9th, his rep tells PEOPLE.

“September ninth was a day of many blessings for the Brown family,” says Zac’s rep in a statement.

Baby Georgia joins her two big sisters at home – Justice, 2 ½, and 16-month-old Lucy.

Congratulations to the Browns!

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Jennifer Connelly’s Controversial New Role

While Jennifer Connelly makes her animated feature debut in 9, the 38-year-old mother-of-two is also teaming up with her husband Paul Bettany – pictured above at the Toronto International Film Festival – in the controversial film Creation, exploring the life and work of Charles Darwin. Jennifer spoke with Parade about her new films and if she sees herself as an action-hero mom.

On playing an action-hero in the animiated film 9: “This was a good and safe way to start. I get to be this sort of cool warrior, but I didn’t have to train for the kicks and punches. The animators supplied the moves, so it was really fun. I was still pretty much doing as much as I could get away with without making noises that they do not want to pick up on the microphone. I tried to keep the rattling and clunking and foot stomping to a minimum, but I was trying to get myself into what was going on in the scenes, even if they are animated.”

On if she sees herself as an action-hero mom
: “I don’t think of myself as being particularly vicious or aggressive, but it depends on the circumstances. Now that I’m a mother, I can relate a little more to things like women lifting a car off their kid or whatever. If there were a car on top of my baby, I’m going to try to move it for sure.”

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Adam Sandler & Family: Supper In Santa Monica

Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie were seen taking their two daughters – Sadie, 3, and Sunny, 10 months – out for dinner in Santa Monica, CA on Thursday (September 10). Once again, Sadie was seen in another cute dress, while Sunny was spotted in her doting dad’s arms.

The 43-year-old Reign Over Me star recently talked about how family life has kept his jokes G-rated.

I haven’t talked that filthy in front of people probably ever. We had real audiences and I’d go on stage being as filthy as can be and I’m seeing people are into it, and some people are going, ‘No, don’t go there.’ And then I would drive home and I’d be in my driveway alone in front of my house where my two little kids are sleeping and I just felt like the biggest, dirtiest human being. I tell you one thing, having two daughters eliminated any vagina jokes we thought about doing.”

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Gwen Stefani: Fashion & Family

Gwen Stefani had a few of her biggest fans on hand to celebrate last night’s launch of her new L.A.M.B. collection at New York Fashion Week: Her husband Gavin Rossdale and their entirely adorable boys Kingston, 3, and Zuma, 1.

Gwen’s 80s-inspired collection is earning rave reviews so far:

“But oh what fun the clothes were – slinky overdyed jeans with slung down suspenders paired with a tough stretch biker blazer, coquettish blouses that casually fell off the shoulder,” writes Newsday fashion blogger Anne Bratskeir, adding, “Definitely the way to channel your inner rock star. Speaking of which, when the smiley and svelte Stefani took her bow, well, natch, she fit right in with her models.”

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