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Tina O’Brien & Ryan Thomas Take Scarlett To Football Challenge

Coronation Street couple Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas took their 6-month old daughter Scarlett to the Hollyoaks Football Challenge in Chester, Sunday (May 17).

Tina held Scarlett, who was wrapped in a colorful blanket, and watched as Ryan play in the game.

O’Brien, 25, admits she went through a difficult time after Scarlett was born.

“I felt really frumpy, not just because of the weight, but because you’re in a transitional period as a new mum,” adding, “Your life becomes totally devoted to your child, which is amazing, but you end sitting around in slobs covered in sick. I felt unattractive, but I was expecting to feel that way. I felt hormonal as well.”

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Sarah Jessica Parker Praises Surrogate Mom

Sarah Jessica Parker has nothing but praise for the surrogate mom who is carrying her twin daughters, calling her a “strong, bright, independent, thoughtful, caring, gracious and generous” woman.

In an interview set to air tomorrow, the Sex and the City star tells Access Hollywood that she and her husband Matthew Broderick turned to surrogacy after they struggled to conceive a second baby.

“We have been trying to expand our family for a number of years and we actually have explored a variety of ways of doing so,” Sarah Jessica, 44, says. “It would have been odd to have made this choice if I was able to have had successful pregnancies since my son’s birth.”

She revealed that soon-to-be big brother James, 6, knows all about the babies on the way: “I’ve been pretty candid with him. I kind of chartered my own course with him because we wanted to keep this quiet and so I wanted to be very careful about telling him so he wasn’t burdened with a secret. On the other hand, I wanted him to have time to adjust to the idea of sharing his mama and his papa.”

Though it’s an exciting time for the family, SJP says that the intense media speculation surrounding the pregnancy – and the surrogate mom in particular, who Sarah Jessica says has been harassed – is making it a stressful one, too.

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Tried, Tested & True: SnapMe Swimwear

I’m kind of breaking the rules here, because this isn’t a product I tested myself, but I couldn’t resist telling you about it. None of my kids are in diapers anymore, but if they were, I would definitely try one of these swimsuits.

I heard about SnapMe Swimwear through a family member and thought it was such a great idea. Not only are the suits practical (they snap at the bottom for easy diaper changes) and stylish – they are also made out of UV protectant fabric.

They have 5 different styles to choose from – each suit has 2 rows of snaps in the crotch, and an adjustment loop around head strap. Sizes range from 6mo-3T. Currently they only carry swimsuits for girls. I think the price is well worth it at $27.99 – I’m all about making daily life easier.

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    Dean McDermott’s Birthday Tattoo For Tori

    Dean McDermott went all out for his wife Tori Spelling’s 36th birthday this weekend, marking her big day with a romantic getaway, a surprise party, surfing lessons – and even a tattoo in her honor!

    The tattoo, which took 7 hours to complete, is meant to symbolize their family and features the word “Forever” along with a Koi fish for Tori, a tiger for Dean, peonies to represent health and prosperity, and three baby Koi for kids Liam, 2, Stella, 11 months, and Jack, 10 (Dean’s son from his previous marriage).

    “I did it to profess my undying love for my gorgeous wife and beautiful children,” Dean says.

    He reports that Tori was blown away by the surprise inking: “She loved it when I revealed it to her. She thinks it’s beautiful, chic and sexy.”

    Tori’s husband then whisked her away for a romantic weekend – without the kids – in Santa Monica, where she was treated to a birthday bash with her closest friends at the Vicery Hotel. The couple also made time for surfing lessons while away.

    It sounds like he went to a lot of trouble to plan the memorable weekend, but Dean says that his wife is well worth the effort: “I wanted her to have a special birthday because she’s the love of my life. She deserves the world.”

    Do you have a tattoo in honor of your partner or kids?

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    Minnie Driver & Henry Take A Break

    Minnie Driver and a friend take a break from playing with 8-month-old Henry Story Driver for a picnic lunch in Malibu over the weekend.

    Minnie was just seen celebrating her first Mother’s Day with her little guy!

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    Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon: Some Bunny Loves You!

    Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon’s 19-month-old son Jaid Thomas squeals with delight as he pets a bunny, while his fraternal twin brother Jax Joseph looked on. The family spent Saturday afternoon at a Los Angeles Farmer’s Market.

    Garcelle recently talked to PEOPLE about how the boys are so different, “They are completely different. We actually came to Malibu to the beach yesterday and Jaid completely jumped in [and] thought he could swim and Jax was really timid and was tiptoeing around the seaweed. Just so different.”

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