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Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Johan wears a Little Green Star ‘Bee Green’ Tee – On Sale! for $15.83, sizes 2T – 4T and the onesie sizes 3-6 mos – 12-18mos

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Rebecca Romijn: “Being A Mom Makes Me Feel Whole”

Rebecca Romijn is happily obsessed with her 5-month-old daughters Dolly and Charlie.

“All I want to do is stare into my babies’ eyes nonstop!” she confesses in the June issue of In Style magazine, adding, “Being a mom makes me feel whole and like I understand the meaning of life.”

The model mom isn’t the only one who is smitten with the girls – she says that her husband Jerry O’Connell has been “having a blast” since becoming a father.

“He’s got endless amounts of energy, and he’s having such a blast with these girls,” Rebecca reveals. Though she admits he’s just a tiny bit protective of the twins, saying, “He’s determined not to let them ever date while he is alive.”

As for choosing InStyle for their adorable daughters’ debut, Rebecca says they picked the mag with the girls in mind: “What girls wouldn’t want to be featured in InStyle? We figured they would be happy with this choice in 18 years.”

The new mom looks gorgeous on the cover of the issue – and you’d never guess she gave birth to two babies just months ago! Though she’s almost back to her pre-baby form, Rebecca says that sex appeal is more about attitude than a flawless figure.

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Tried, Tested & True: The Perfect Blankie

Do you remember how many blankets you received as a gift when you had your first baby? I recall having an endless supply and quite frankly, I was wondering what I would do with all of them. Each blanket may have certain memories attached: one from the grandparents, one from Aunt Bernadette, and perhaps even one from the gals at the office. All which can make it difficult to decide which blanket will be “the” blankie of choice for the wee one. My decision was made quite quickly when I received a Bellalulubaby blanket. If I hadn’t decided on this gorgeous blanket myself, the decision was made whole-heartedly by the babe himself.

Bellalulubaby, founded by mom of 3, Paula Seguin, creates THE softest and most adorable blankets I have laid eyes on. Only the highest quality fabrics are used, making the blankets feel incredibly luxurious, leaving me wishing they made a queen size! The selection of fabrics used, (a combination of 3 fabrics, cabbage rose chenille, minky dot chenille and coordinating cotton,) perfectly show Paula’s eye for fashion and I actually used my blanket as a color scheme for the nursery!

Did I mention each blanket is handmade? Mompreneur Paula handcrafts each blanket, and thanks to this extra care, this blanket is one that you will be able to use for future children as well. It stands up to frequent washing and can take anything a newborn can throw at it!

Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? Super soft & fabrics are gorgeous
Dislikes? None
Price: Handmade & adorable. A steal at $69.99 Canadian. (This is roughly $59.00 US)
Where To Find:

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    Violet Is A Polka Dot Princess

    Violet Affleck was photographed on Thursday (May 14) with an unidentified woman in Boston. In the other set of pictures she’s with her mommy Jennifer Garner, running some errands.

    Garner, 37, was in D.C. last week with her parents to promote early childhood education. Joined by her mom Pat, a former schoolteacher Jennifer attended a book reading session at the Rosemount Center in Washington D.C. on Tuesday (May 5).

    The actress told the press, “As a mother of two girls, as an advocate for children, and as a citizen, I cannot accept an America that fails them and forgoes a brighter future for them.”

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    Meg & Daisy: Truly Happy!

    Meg Ryan picks up her adorable daughter Daisy True, from school in Santa Monica, Calif. Thursday (May 14). The 4-year-old held what looks to be a mini hockey stick as she skipped alongside her mom, enjoying the beautiful day.

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    Tori Spelling & Kids Cover Cookie Magazine

    Tori Spelling and her kids Liam, 2, and Stella, almost 1, are Cookie cuties, featured on the cover of the magazine’s June issue. Having grown up in the glare of the Hollywood spotlight herself, Tori, 36, reveals how she and her husband Dean McDermott are trying to give their own kids the best of both worlds: A close-knit family with a touch of Tinseltown.

    On creating a white Christmas for her kids – just as her dad did when she was a child: “We rented a snow machine. As much as I wanted to be normal, as I look back, those big gestures were pretty amazing. So we hosted an event for the Ronald McDonald House Charities and had real snow in our yard. It was very wink-wink-nudge-nudge about my white Christmas when I was a kid. I had this vision of it being sunny Los Angeles with sledding, but it was rainy and muddy, and we had to put up a tent. The kids didn’t care, though. Liam was hesitant, but we got him on a sled a few times.”

    On the nanny: “I never understood being competitive with a nanny. If you have someone you trust and who loves your kids, then what an amazing thing you’ve done for them. My kids have Patsy, who is a baby nurse to them and like a mother figure to me. Stella was an unplanned pregnancy, and I think it happened so I could keep Patsy longer. I am very sad Nanny [Tori’s childhood nanny, whom she was close to throughout her life] and my dad never got to meet my kids. I have this little bear that was Nanny’s, and I always bring it when I fly. I recently showed it to Liam and explained that the bear is like a grandparent who looks out for us. He grabbed it and kissed it.”

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