Best Baby Name of 2012?

We’re kicking off our 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards!

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  • Ashley

    Quite surprised at some of the names on there, Miranda Schneider, Micah Lanfer, Willa Dreary have parents far less known in the celebrity world.

    I would rather see on the list
    Camden Jack Cutler – (the first camden and better middle name)
    Pearl Clementine Osborne
    Poppy James Gavigan
    Gloria Ray Sarsagarrd
    Thomas Colton Padalecki

    Better name choices than some you’ve let on that list

    • freya

      I agree. I voted for Camdon John Lachey but only because I like the Camdon bit and would have rather have seen Camdon Jack Cutler up there.

      • Tara

        It’s camdEn, not camdon!!! You made the same mistake three times, please!

    • D

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Both

    • Lau

      Seriously. Also, I can’t possibly understand how Camden John is in the best names poll and Camden Jack in the worst. What’s the criteria?

  • Katie

    Yeah, I don’t see how 2 almost identical names – Camden John and Jack get put on opposite lists, both belong on the best. And there are a few on the worst names that should belong on this (Monroe Jackson Rathbone, Rocky James Prinze, Aoife Belle Foden etc.)

    • D

      And then again!aoife is a cute, normal and common name in can say you don’t like it but it’s not like breeze beretta, bastian kick, kash kade, blue or rosalind arusha altalune bla bla

      • D

        I’m sorry i posted my reply in the wrong page!#}

  • Ally

    You should split girls and boys.

  • simply fab

    I will choose penelope cos she’s d best.

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