Favorite Preschooler of 2013

Vote for your favorite celebrity preschooler of 2013.

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  • Samantha Smith

    So dang cute!

  • mrs. trumbell

    tough call for me between Harper Smith and Sera Affleck!

    • D

      No contest. Harper wins! 😉

  • Anonymous

    134 people voted for Simone Masterson-Horn? Or one person voted 134 times. Hmmm

    • mrs. trumbell



    • Sam

      Each computer can only vote once.

  • Sphinx

    Louis! I can’t get enough of his cute self.

  • Miranda

    Where are Knox /Vivienne Jolie Pitt?

  • Anonymous

    Where are Gideon and Harper Burtka-Harris?!

  • Veronica Campbell

    Harper Smith is my choice .. delightful little lady!

  • Danny Ip

    So Adorable, I wish she was my daughter!

  • clair

    Benjamin Brady is on twice

  • Tina

    Harper Smith. So cute!!!!!!!!!

  • D

    I had trouble between Flynn with that gorgeous smile of his and Harper with her comical cute little self.

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  • Sam

    Flynn all the way!

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