Favorite Toddler Of 2012?

Looking back at 2012, who’s your favorite celebrity toddler?

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  • mrs. trumbell

    i wouldve voted for marcel canet if he’d been on the list!

    • Luann (Trejo) Wantz

      Tiffani, she is adorable!!! She looks alot like your

      • mrs. trumbell


  • AgnesT

    Where’s West Anaximander Collins? He’s MY favorite celebrity toddler!

  • Danielle

    I voted Harper Smith. 🙂

  • Lauren

    I wanted to vote for Satyana Denisof, but she isn’t on the list. Too bad.

    • Pippa

      You can vote for her: she is on the Favorite Preschooler of 2012 survey, which is on the right hand side of the screen today – (12.10.12) – the Daily Poll

  • Dean

    Hip Hip Hooray for Harper Smith!



    Moroccan and Monroe all the way!

  • It’s Rock&Roe Dahling! #DemBabies *-*

  • Oops! Roc&Roe 🙂

  • *

    900 people voted for Mariah Carey’s kids… what the… no way haha

    • Dan

      Trust me, those votes come from her fans. I dont really think many people would vote them at all haha.

      • Mariahfanatic

        Thats ridiculous….all celebrities have fans its just mariah carey has the best fans which think she has the most outgoing, widely known toddlers……#whodoesn’tknowrocandroe

        • *

          Think so Dan. I Wouldnt know those twins unless I came here, I see the post as I scroll down. They certainly are not the cutest. But lets face it, these polls never actually are about the kids its about the parents and how many obsessed fans they have. Although surprised Mariah has so many I dont think she’s actually done anything in years has she?

          • Mariahfanatic

            You sound so stupid right now! It aint our fault roc and roe is famous for themselves and not their parents. Get a life; they are just kids!

      • deedee

        actually for me you are wrong… i am not a huge fan of mariah and thats not why i voted for dem babies. its because i dont know who those other babies are. like seriously which other babies has a facebook page, twitter, instagram a live tv special to introduce them i mean you couldnt help but to know mariah carey’s kids. i was actually looking for blue ivy but dem babies was the next choice of familiarity.

      • T.LaMont

        Why would you say that?? Have you been to Dembabies.com. They are georgeous!!. Must be a jealousy thing huh? Or not a fan of hers. But dont hate on children hun! not a good look :}

  • Daxvi

    Love Roc and Roe…..

  • aba

    There’s one choice and that is BLUE IVY!!!

  • Love MARIAH …
    and Roc n Roe are cut babies ever …:* Love ’em …

    • I vote for miriahs kids cause they r cute.

  • Karen

    Monroe & Moroccan <3

  • Alisha

    Eww Mariah Carey kids really?, they are two little fugly toddlers.

    Harper Beckham is one of the cutest. Bear Blu Jarecki now that he is grown up looks very sweet.

    • Steffi

      The only reason why anyone would vote Mariah toddlers is because her fans must be pushing the button, probably they came from those fan sites links.

      • Dan

        prolly u should fk urself 🙂

      • Coby

        I voted for Mariah’s children irrespective of Mariah. I had seen dembabies.com. I thought it was an interesting charity compared to what most celebrities do with baby pics. They really are some cute little kids. Just my thoughts. I like to see personality as well, which you definitely get with these two.

  • Alisha

    Harper Beckham is the cutest and Bear Blu Jarecki looks very sweet.
    Mariah toddlers eewww no.

    • Michael Copple

      Alisha, lets see a picture of you as a baby. or better yet, lets see one now. i can almost assure that you are an overweight, depressed lost soul who has nothing better else to do beside come on here and talk bad about someone else babies. they are far from ugly. and if you have a better picture, then i will shut my mouth. but if not, do us all a favor, and go take your miserable self and crawl in a hole!!

    • albernique smith

      DDI. J-E-A-L-O-U-S!!!! yalll really don’t have a life !!!!

  • faz

    yey! LAMBS ARE WINNING! the best fans in the world! love #dembabies! #teamMariah’sTwins

  • karin

    Monroe e Moroccan so cute 🙂

  • Victorinox

    Monroe and Moroccan so cute 😉

  • Courtney

    those of you disparaging Roc and Roe are heartless they are adorable they can’t help the way their heads are shaped is because Mariah had gestational diabetes among many other complications with her pregnancy

  • iesha greene

    all about #DemBabies 🙂

  • iesha greene

    Roc & Roe

  • Reanna Olson

    Love those twins!!!

  • Jonny Syder

    It has got to be Roc and Roe – they have pretty good genes, me thinks!!

  • Jessica

    Roc&Roe all the wayy!!!!!!!<33

  • Kiara

    It just sickens me that people are calling Mariah’s children ugly justt bbecauuse the baby they want to win isnt getting the votes. All these babies are gorgeous and think itt soooooo damn stupid that you would call th course us Mariah Carey fans are gonna vote for her kids duhhh so stop hating cause its not seriious at all.em ugly. And of

  • Kiara

    Sorry bout typos in previous comment but you get it.

  • monroe

    what the hell! how DARE you call morrocan and monroe ugly! WOW! theyre gorgeous babies! Roc will for sure be breaking hearts and miss little monroe is already stunning! not to mention they have AMAZING personalities and already showing talent!

  • ricardo

    go twin moroccan and monroe…

    I’m happy they almost got the finish line so much ahead to the 2nd placer…

    … We mariah fans will support you …

    For those who say the were ugly… Oh absolutely no idea what cute is! So sad to them. They dont know what cute was… Ofcourse you were just jealous coz your fevorite baby was not even close to dembabies twin…

  • ricardo

    Mariah’s twins dominant this poll.

    Those twins has a lot of fans already.

  • Sharee

    Moroccan and Monroe are cute lil tots

  • Elena

    Voted for Roc&Roe!! : ) Yaay for DemBabies! Their winning : )


    i love mariah carey so much. she is the goddess of music. so i love dem babies as well. the blessed mariah carey



  • logico que são os gemeos mais lindos do mundo

  • Lexia

    Roc & Roe always be my babies ♥

  • Deep

    <3 <3 <3 Harper Seven Beckham.She is d best, most chubbiest, fattest n cuttest of them all n to top with her cute outfit. Love u H7B 🙂

  • *

    Wow reading the comments, Mariah fans are scary…..

  • Bia

    All we have to respect the opinion of anyone who does not like Mariah Carey, as everyone should respect that loves and admires, but above all respect the children, think very ugly disrespect not only for the twins mariah but like all children and children are blessed, and Roc and Roe are much loved by all fans of Mariah carey.

  • nina


  • glamour glee garingo

    go for Roc&Roe!!!! #dembabies

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