Worst Baby Name Of 2012?

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  • Kiwi

    Hey! It’ ROCKY JAMES Prinze!

  • D

    I don’t get why camden john is in the Contest for the best name while camden james is in this category…and it’s pretty unfair that names like lukenzia and aoife are listed here just because you don’t know their meaning and their foreign diffusion..they are not made up names like breeze beretta

    • Jenny Schafer

      Hi D, I was intending to give readers a chance to either love or hate the name Camden. Hopefully the backlash won’t be too severe….;)

  • Nancy

    Rocky James is a sweet name. FUCK you CBS.

    • laura

      Please, no. It’s horrifying. Poor kid, I hope they just call him James.

  • Ashley

    Wow i don’t think some of these names deserve to be on here!
    Hawkins Crawford
    Camden Jack – i actually really like!
    Gloria Ray
    Poppy James
    Pearl Osborne – middle name is Clementine.
    Aoife Belle – Aoife is a classic irish name it was #13 in girls popular baby names last year, sure you americans won’t get it but its lovely. Its pronouced Ee-fa. It also means beautiful/radiant/joy.

    Wyatt Lilly is so yuck for a girls name! I will never get over Maxwell Drew either, far too masculine for my liking and i expected better from her.

  • Lila

    Are all terrrrrible names for sweet baby girls. I would personally HATE having such a masculine name, and might i add names that are popular for boys, so you could be one of a few in the class but the only girl.

  • Joanne

    Although I don’t have a problem with the name Rosalind, Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson is just ridiculous long – seriously? If you need to use all those names then adopt another kid or two and slap on those names elsewhere.

  • CLB

    Wow the names on the “worst” list are soooo much better than the ones on the “best”. Kind of a disappointing way to kick it off.

  • Aoife

    I think that Aoife and Beatrice are lovely names

  • Calla

    Wow. So many lovely names on the worst list.

  • Annie_S

    What’s wrong with Clover, Beatrice, Mabel, Rosalind or Emet ? And many other names, too …

  • May

    Sad thing is, there are so many awful names to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one.

  • courtneyb

    There are so many beautiful names on the worst list… What’s wrong with Aoife Belle, Beatrice Jean, Marlowe, Exton Elias, Gloria Ray and so on??? Anyway the worst name to me is Breeze Beretta.

  • Claire

    I think this category should not be here at all! Bashing baby names as being “bad, worse or worst” is insulting and wrong :-N Every parent has the best intentions with their baby, they mean no harm and they don’t deserve nobody’s judgement.

  • Adele

    Who wrote this list? Most of these names are very nice. Just for the record, my little granddaughter is named Romy and I adore her name!

  • Cláudia

    What the hell is wrong with Beatrice? Here, in Portugal there are tons of girls called Beatriz which is the portuguese version of Beatrice.

  • EXTON ELIAS DOWNEY is a name so perfect, not like this vote.

  • Justin

    What’s wrong with Maxwell Drew Johnson??? This a beautiful name. If I had a son i will name him Maxwell Drew Johnson.
    And don’t fight with me because I’m doing this for a good cause… In protecting the parent of that child.

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