Avril Lavigne off bump watch?


Star Magazine has been speculating that Avril Lavigne might be pregnant.  Here is a recent quote:

The couple was seen shopping in Beverly Hills on Sept. 4th, and typically tiny Lavigne seemed unusually pale and rubbed her back while stretching. Whibley catered to Lavigne even more than usual, opening doors, and possibly watching out for his wife’s reported belly bulge. Lavigne’s reps have not confirmed a pregnancy, but even guests at the rockers’ recent wedding gushed about what “beautiful grandchildren” Avril and Deryck’s parents would have.
Everything about the top picture screams baby bump…then there is the recent pictures


Champagne, form fitting clothes…what do you think?


Source: Celebitchy

What do you think?

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  1. Omg. who cares if people THINK she is pregnant. if she is we will find out soon enough, is she is and no one has heard anything about it then obviously she wants to keep it a secret. I don’t think that she is pregnant anyways. so just shut up and if she is then you guys can yap about it. we’ll find out if she is pregnant if a baby comes out idiots.

  2. If she is i hope her baby looks like her but people dont have to know let her tell people not you!

    =) =7) =) =$ =^)
    You biggest fan~ i got every one that i know to love avril lavigne

    P.S.~I got your cd today. and i loved you since i was 9

  3. i think even if she is preganant so0o0o0 what its up to her really so0o0o0o yo0 should just keep ur noses out nd i fink shell be a brill mum x x

  4. She is definatly not pregnant. And even if she was, I think we would’ve noticed by now. She will make a great mom someday. Just because she’s punk, doesn’t mean she won’t make a good mom…ahem, ‘salma’.

  5. hey lk keep out of her life i know u get money for wat u write bout her but thts not ur bisness its her own privacy by the way i dnt think she wll be a good mom cause she is a punk!!! NO OFFENSE!!!!

  6. hey i think avril lavigne looks so nice in her pictures like omg i would die if i saw her in real life haha i like love her

  7. Ya!!! Just leave Avril in here own sitiuation and if she is pregnant let her tell the world!Not having people just say she is when she might not be!

    From: ur biggest fan who loved u since i was 15

  8. Hey! personally i don’t think Avril is pregnant! i mean if she was, then how come in SO many photos show how skinny she is!!! So she may have a few pics that do’t look that gr8! so what! even she was pregnant i don’t think she would she would just flat out say it to the world!!!!!

  9. I think that if she says she’s not pregnant then we should believe her and even if she is pregnant its up to her if she wants to tell everyone about it. so i think you should just keep your noses out let her do her own thing and not be bugged by media or anything. x x x luff yew loads avril [your biggest fan] kayte x x

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