Cindy Crawford Furious Over Kaia Photoshoot Controversy


Supermodel Cindy Crawford is reportedly furious that people are making her daughter’s swimsuit shots into a sordid affair. Crawford came under fire from critics who labelled photos, in which her then four-year-old daughter Kaia posed for swimsuit shots, inappropriate.

The supermodel, however, is not amused with what people are saying, and has lashed out at them, insisting that people should think carefully before calling a four-year-olds’ pictures “topless”.

"My friend has a swimwear line and she makes little girls’ suits, so she had a bunch of her friends bring their daughters over and we did a little photo shoot, for a look book on their website. I was there and it was so innocent. Kaia’s wearing shorts and she is posed peeking back over her shoulder. Some blog site called it a topless photo. I can’t see how can you even call a four-year-old being topless!” Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

"She’s a little girl, there wasn’t makeup involved or pageantry, it was truly just like little girls playing," Crawford insisted.

And now the incident has left such a bad taste in Crawford and hubby Rande Gerber’s mouths that they’ve decided not to let their daughter pose for any more pictures.

“I will put it this way, they just had the shoot again and she didn’t do it this time. More because my husband was like, ‘Why do we want to put ourselves in that situation?’ It’s too bad, because one of my best girlfriends shot the pictures this time and she knows Kaia and it would have been great and I would have gotten great family photos," Crawford added.


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  1. Honestly? My biggest “wha?” reaction was over the lower back tattoo. Yes, I know it’s a fake tattoo. On a 4 years old’s arm, sure. On her lower back? Surely Cindy’s been around long enough to know that the slang for that type of tattoo is a ‘tramp stamp’.

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