Rosie O’Donnell thinks Britney should stay home with her kids!

Britney_1Rosie O’Donnell has put her two-cents in, and wants Britney to stop partying with Paris and Lindsey and stay home with her kids. 

The no panties antics have gone too far according to O’Donnell.

O’Donnell, who sent Spears a good luck  gift basket after hearing she’d split from husband Kevin Federline, is appalled by the pop singer’s recent late-night antics with her new pals Hilton and Lohan.

O’Donnell wants to play fairy godmother to Spears and insists she shouldn’t be partying with Hilton or Lohan.

"We don’t want Britney hanging out with Paris… Britney… stay at home with the kids."

The New York Post writes:

‘they have already been dubbed "The Brit Pack": three girls, increasingly famous for making spectacularly bad choices, marshaling their collective brain power to navigate the booths and banquettes at Hyde or Spider Club or wherever it is they’re drinking it off on any given night.’

Us Weekly reports that Britney Spears has abruptly pulled out of co-hosting with the heiress on the Fox Billboard Music Awards, scheduled to air live on December 4.

"She pulled out," confirms a source with Fox. "She didn’t give a reason."

Is she wising up?  I haven’t given this whole Britney thing to much attention.  She is young and apparently hurt, post-partum, overwhelmed, etc… It is interesting to watch, and yes there are two young children involved.  Only time will tell what happens, maybe she will wise up in the mean time. 

Source Tittle-Tattle

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