It’s A Boy For Anthony Kiedis & Heather Christie! reports that Anthony Kiedis and girlfriend, model Heather Christie, welcomed their first child together, a baby boy, born this morning in LA .

Thanks Salli!


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    im so glad he had a boy! OOO YEAH!!! i mean a girl would have been weird cus think about it, its ANTHONY KIEDIS! he HAD to have a boy so that little chili pepper can be just as great as him! i want to see pics. of this little guy. i hope he looks like Anthony!

  2. Salli

    Everly B Kiedis
    Went just and there was new bloggery from Blackie, AK`s dad, about Everly:

    sworn to privacy. understandable. wish i could show you pictures. he is handsome. 2 or 3 inches of jet black hair. wide eyed and bushy tailed. went home in less than 12 hours. mowed the lawn today. and expressed interest in wally’s world.

  3. Salli

    And there´s some information about the name, Anthony and Heather gave to their son, Everly B.

  4. Tatiana Silva Pereira

    Parabéns querido.

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