Grandparents Goldie & Kurt Take Ryder To The Farmers Market

Grandparents Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn took Ryder, 3 1/2, to the Farmers Market on Sunday. Maybe they were letting Kate rest a bit after the big Halloween bash she had.

See more pictures (one of Ryder walking) after the jump.



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  1. He is way too old to be carried around like that, i don’t understand why she doesn’t just let him walk, isn’t he like 4?

  2. Can anyone tell me if that is how a persons lips look right after they get them plumped? Does the swelling go down some after? I am not trying to be judgemental towards Goldie but that just looks terrible on people when those lips stick out like that. Maybe the swelling does go down and they just look fuller. I sure do hope so.

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