Shar Jackson Shops With Kori & Kaleb

Shar Jackson, 31, does some shopping at the boutique Diabless on Melrose with her kids Kori and Kaleb. Dad is ex-boyfriend, Kevin Federline.

Shar has two older children with her former high school boyfriend: a son, Donnie, 16, and a daughter, Cassie, 12. She has two children with Kevin Federline, a daughter, Kori, 5, and a son, Kaleb, 3. Jackson was pregnant when Federline started dating Spears.



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  1. Poppy, That’s a terrible thing to say. They look just like Britney’s kids who look just like
    KFed. Apparently it’s his genes that are giving them their looks.

  2. are you freeking kidding me? lmao there are no babies in the world as beautiful as Britneys kids and their beauty does NOT come from KFAT 😉
    and Preston and Jayden dont look like these two at all, thank God!

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