Celine Dion Talks About Rene Charles In People

These are scans of Celine Dion, 39, husband Rene, 65, and son Rene Charles, 6, from People magazine. In the article Celine talked about how being a mom is all that matters to her, and baby #2 is in the works soon. She even talked about Rene’s hair.

On being a mom

‘I breast-fed Rene Charles for a year, and I’ll never forget it, his eyes, his skin, his smell, his sleeping, the sweetness, the love, there’s nothing like it. You know, I’m really not a singer, my life is to be a mom. It is what I enjoy the most. It is my most amazing reward. I will take a chance with my music, I don’t take risks with my family.’

On baby number 2

Dion spent six years trying to get pregnant, before becoming pregnant with Rene through in vitro fertilization. The couple still have frozen embryos and are hoping for another baby soon. When asked, Rene said he would like a little sister.

On Rene’s hair

“Everybody asks me why I don’t cut it, It’s his own decision. I’ve asked many times ‘Would you want me to cut your hair a little bit?’ And he doesn’t want to. “Yeah right. “She won’t cut it!” counters his father with a laugh. “Maybe when he’s 45.”

That would be so nice if they were able to have another child. Rene would probably love to have a sibling. I never knew that Celine came from such a big family. She is the youngest of 14! Can you image being part of a big family like that? I think it would be pretty cool.

People Dec 3 2007

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  2. anonymous

    Geez…is Celine his mother or BFF? He needs to have his damn hair cut, he is not a little girl. While I’m not ancient, I can tell you I remember a time when parents made the decisions and not the kids…especially 6 year olds! There are too many parents out there just like this and that’s a big part of why many, many kids have no respect for anyone or anything, it’s all about them and their whims. sad.

  3. Suze

    she really has a hold on that boy…too involved

  4. Jen

    I don’t get the impression that Celine is “too involved” (whatever that means…how can a mother be “too involved” with her young child?) or his best friend. From just the quotes above, I get the impression that she enjoys being a mother and puts her family first. I get the impression that she and the boy like his hair long. As long as he’s not starting the Malibu fires or hanging cats from trees, why does his hair length matter to other people so much? Now granted I don’t think it’s an attractive look on him, and quite frankly I think he looks like Tarzan, but, hey, he’s not our kid. So what.

  5. They look so happy together! I am really glad for them.

  6. lucia

    yeah!he looks like tarzan or a mini celine… he hasn’t the face for this hair.

  7. nosoupforyou

    Celine wanted a daughter.

  8. domermom

    Is she clueless? Obviously she doesn’t hear or read the ridicule Kate Hudson gets for her son’s long hair. Look, I could care less, but if she gets upset and finds herself having to defend her son’s hair … why was the subject of his hair even brought up? She could have very well told the interviewer, I don’t make comments about my son’s appearance. But obviously since she feels the need to defend, he’s gotten ridicule and will continue to get it from the public. Plus, look at the shirt? It looks like a girl’s shirt. When I first saw the pictures, I thought, hmmm .. looks like a Renee rather than Rene.

    Can you imagine the bubble that kid is raised in? Wonder if he has any friends his age? I doubt he’ll have a svengali swoop him away from his parents like his mother did …

  9. anne {the Voice} Bartee

    celine has it all but I think she is to hung up on the kid,, but what can u do ,, she chose this career and I wish I had that success with my singing.. if she has another child she will eventually go back to singing,, and she better do it soon,, she is getting older..

  10. anne {the Voice} Bartee

    I noticed that when celine was on the oprah show,, her face was perfect without any wrinkles,, but when I look at other photos ,, I see the real face.. wrinkles on the perfect face,, old celine is probably getting into plastic surgery,,, yo ho ho,, face held up by strings … ha ha ha ,,, better have the kid soon celine .. time is getting on ,,, yo ho ho,,,

  11. Anonymous

    Sad not the hair. Sad he REALLY lokks like a girl. It will be hart when he gets older and must love girls.

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