Keri Russell Loves Her Baby Carriers!

Keri Russell, 32, takes her 5 month old son, River Russell Deary out for some fresh air in his Baby Bjorn. I just love Keri, she seems to have taken to motherhood so well, her new movie August Rush, which opened last week looks really good too! Here are some Keri quotes:

“It’s funny, when you become a parent, it changes your emotional response,” she says. “We were watching Finding Nemo the other day and I was like, ‘Oh my God, he’s lost and he’s not going to find his dad!’ I was sobbing. It was crazy.”

Other than that, Russell is in fine form as a mom, although she can’t believe the loss of sleep that comes with bringing up a baby.

“But the best thing is when he starts smiling,” says Russell grinning. “You aren’t a baby slave anymore. You think, ‘He finally recognizes me — yes!’ “

That is so true, how your whole life and perspective on things change when you become a mother. Ahhh, and there is nothing like that first true smile…bliss!!



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