Bridget Moynahan Shops With Her Mom

Bridget Moynahan, 36, was spotted out shopping with her mom Mary Moynahan. Here is a picture of Bridget with her dad.

Moynahan is a new mom to 3 month old John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Dad is ex boyfriend, NFL star Tom Brady.



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  1. no baby again!
    My lord those shoes are awful. She is still wearing maternity clothes, but she actually looks better with a bit of weight on her.

  2. Bridget Moynahan did a deliberate deception, attempting to entrap Tom Brady into marrying her. They had an agreement she would be on birth control pills. As the relationship began to get rocky, Bridget feared Tom was going to move on. She became pregnant in early November, 2006, the very same month Tom broke it off. Moynahan then exhibited all the behavior that befalls an initial backfired plan. She followed Brady to Miami last December for the Pats/Dolphins game, ostensibly to host the Baume Mericer party at the Raleigh. Tom was not amused; still unaware she was pregnant and rebuffed her. When Bridget finally informed Tom she was pregnant (the last month they were together in a 3 yr. relationship), he immediately recognized he had been tricked and left enraged.
    Bridget’s later behavior varies from still attempted entrapment to revenge mode. Tom has begun dating Gisele Bundchen in late December. In the off-season, Brady and Bundchen are in Paris. Bridget then text messages Tom, giving him mere minutes to respond, since Moynahan is informing him she is announcing her pregnancy on the Pg. 6, NY Post Gossip Section run by Liz Smith, naming him as the father. Tom stays collected, offers nothing inflamatory. Bridget then sells her apartment in NYC, July, and moves to LA on the West Coast. When Bridget gives birth in CA, Tom arrives with his parents. Bridget then tells Tom off, stating she wants him out of her AND the baby’s life. Gives the baby her last name. Tom is only allowed to hold his son for a few minutes. Moynahan then announces she will not be working in the foreseeable future, making it all the more apparent the move was only to deny the father the right to see his son (football season denies that except for 1 bye week). Bridget later poses on the cover of OK magazine with the son.
    Tom has initated contact with Bridget, sent additional flowers in hopes of seeing his son. Recently, he saw John for approximately 8 hours, via a court mediator. Done on Patriots bye week. Has stated to media only that there will be a lot more visitations in the off-season.
    Bridget Moynahan is not a role model in a country that is swimming with unwanted teenage pregnancies. Her deliberate deception on Brady TO get pregnant, hoping to entrap him in marriage holds a poor example for all women. John, the son, in a few years will be in school. He will hear from classmates how he is Tom Brady’s son. See his father’s records, Super Bowl wins etc. Then the computers will reveal the Mother’s behavior to the son, which is not helpful to any child.
    Children are supposed to be a planned, blessed event by two adults, not one scheming to hold on to a failing relationship. The later damage to the son will only cause more heartache and possible move by the son to live with the father.
    Eagan had the proper conclusion about Bridget and could have added a whole lot more.

  3. Bridget’s later behavior varies from still attempted entrapment to revenge mode. Tom has begun dating Gisele Bundchen in late December. In the off-season, Brady and Bundchen are in Paris.
    1. Imagine what a media hunt would have taken place had Tom Brady been in the US when the pregnancy was announced. He was lucky that he was in Paris till everything calmed down.

    2. Being dumped is hard.
    Beind dumped and seeing your ex-boyfriend publicly flaunting his new squeeze is even harder. (Remember how hidden Brady’s and Bridget’s relationship started?)
    Being dumped and pregnant and seeing your ex-boyfriend publicly flaunting his new bad-mouthed squeeze is worst.

    3. Entrapment? Revenge? Bridget?
    If Bridget wanted to entrap Brady why did she move to CA? No one seriously expects Brady to quit in Boston and to move to CA.
    If Bridget wanted to get revenge why did she not unleash a media beating on Brady’s head for being an irresponsible father? He is an irresponsible unsupportive and hitting-below-the-beltline father. It would be easy to demonstrate this.
    Bridget so far has not said one bad word about her ex. Classy.
    All Brady has done since Bridget’s pregnancy announcement has made him look like the jerk he is. Bridget did not do anything to make him look like a jerk. He did that all by himself.

    4. Bridget becoming pregnant on purpose is just a rumour. Nobody was present. Nobody knows. Chance can gain grounds any time. That’s why it is called “chance”.

    5. Do the math: Baby born 22th august after 9 month pregnancy. Earliest possible conception date: 22th november. Experience tells that babies tend to be born rather a few weeks earlier than later. So if 22th august was an “early birthdate” it follows that the baby could have been conceived later than 22th november. Means that Brady and Bridget were still an item around beginning of december.
    Brady started dating Gisele beginning of december.

  4. Selena has more than a few facts mixed up. The baby was conceived around November 8th. It was 2 weeks overdue when finally taken by C-Section. Tom Brady was NOT dating Gisele Bundchen at the beginning of December but in LATE December.

    This was a THREE year relationship and an agreement existed on Bridget taking birth control pills. The relationship had been going sour for approximately one year, with Bridget deeply in love and wishing it to go into marriage. How quaint she got pregnant the last month she and Tom were together. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she did.

    Bridget’s actions were less than admirable, filled with both angst and revenge during the pregnancy. Her announcement was carried in Liz Smith’s gossip column on Page 6, NY Post. Wonderful venue. Her text messaging Tom giving him a couple minutes to respond was not what one calls thoughtful.

    Bridget then moves in July to Ca, knowing in advance she is NOT going to work for the foreseeable future. Obviously to deprive the father of normal visitation. At birth she verbally lambasts Brady, telling him that he IS NOT going to be a part of HER SON’S life. Obviously, Bridget knows little of law. Tom leaves.

    Bridget denies not only Tom, but Tom’s parents visitation rights. Well, at least she’s consistent.

    Tom’s visitation w/his son. Tom had to use a court mediator to see his son w/his parents for 8 hours. Other visits were initially BLOCKED by Moynahan, who treats THEIR son as HER personal property. That, assuredly, is going to change in the shortly due off-season. Tom stated there will be a LOT of visitations in the future. Bridget won’t like it, but that’s how the law works.

    NO WHERE in any blog, media is there a statement made by Tom that he urged Bridget to get an abortion. He was furious when she finally told him she was pregnant ONLY because he realized she had deliberately deceived him. She wanted marriage and PER HER OWN CIRCLE was devastated the plan backfired and he wouldn’t forgive what she had done.

    Tom’s behavior has been the ONLY CLASS act in this sordid scenario. He has NOT responded to Moynahan’s telling him off, saying she was keeping John to herself. Ditto for slam on name change. Likewise for her refusal to allow other visitations. The ONLY KISS recorded was a pap hiding OUTSIDE a Paris eatery shooting inside. There was a near kiss on a Miami beach. TOTAL for A YEAR. Moynahan is about to see selfish behavior dissipate in early February courtesy of Tom Brady, his attorneys and Family Dispute Court. How she explains her behavior from conception to subsequent spite to a son in a few years reading all of this on the internet is a task I surely wouldn’t wish for myself.

  5. Selena not only stretches the truth but embellishes it to suit a prejudicial agenda. 25 years of child support??? Hardly. In celeb cases it’s 18 years (most others 18 only) and then if the father is wealthy, he pays for college.

    Selena would have us believe that poor Bridget was the victim in this situation. Scrutiny proves otherwise. As Rachel stated accurately, it’s not a case of Tom ignoring his son but Mom’s ill-advised denial of visitation that is about to be rectified very shortly after the NFL season ends. Bridget won’t like that because she’s still deeply in love w/Tom and furious he didn’t fall for the entrapment she sprung. One doesn’t have to wonder if a lie detector test were mandatory that Bridget would REFUSE to take it on any question involving deliberately not taking her birth control pills, per a 3 year agreement, TRYING to get pregnant to force a marriage. Of course, per Selena, Bridget is still blameless and Tom is the culprit.

    Bridget Moynahan has:
    1) deliberately deceived her bf, Tom Brady, by breaking a 3 year old birth control agreement because she feared he was going to break up with her
    2) She followed Tom relentlessly, including to Miami, continually trying to revive the relationship
    3) She posted her pregnancy announcement in the Liz Smith Gossip Rag, Page 6 NY Post
    4) Enraged at not having Tom return to her, irregardless of her deceit, she moves to California, making it deliberately impossible for him to see his son during the majority of the year
    5) She knows he’s flying in for the birth and gives no warning of her plan of action. Upon his arrival she tells him off and states it is HER SON and HE IS OUT OF HER AND THE SON’S life.
    6) She names the son after her, via last name, in a moment of spite

    Moynahan is a prime example of deceit gone awry resulting in childish babyish behavior on her part. Her actions are exactly the OPPOSITE of what women have fought to achieve.

    In the off-season, Bridget will not be happy. Tom, being savvy to her ways, will undoubtedly always have is parents or a requested (on his part) nanny with him for the first several visitations. Bridget will, in my honest opinion, DO ANYTHING to stop Tom seeing his son. The woman is evil, not just scorned. A bitterness lasts only so long. After all these months, Bridget has shown EXACTLY HER TRUE NATURE. Thank God Tom stood is ground and didn’t marry her. He’d have a shrew for a wife, life-partner.

  6. Geez, one need only read the ravings of Tommy’s rabid “fans”, to realize Bridget made the best decision for her and her child’s safety, by moving to LA. These People are not only scary-crazy sounding, but also morons. I swear, if I hear one more of them STILL harping on how exactly the pregnancy came about, and whose “fault” it was, I’m going to scream. The baby is almost 4 months old now…give it a REST!!!! Who cares? The only thing that matters now is the health and welfare of baby John. And all these bloggers with supposed “insider” info…please! Get a LIFE people, Tom Brady wouldn’t spit on any one of you if you were on fire. LOL.

    Bridget looks sensational, BTW. She obviously has a loving and supportive family and that will be a good thing for John, as she will no doubt raise him in a like manner. Such a lucky little boy, he is!

  7. Talk as much as you want.
    Blame and shame Bridget as much as you want.

    Jeeeeezuz, nobody was present in the bedroom nor does anyone know about their relationship. I judge Brady and Bridget on what I have seen prove of. And those Bridget-bashing rumours and comments (Gisele!) were published in many newspapers.

    So Bridget tried to trap Brady?
    One could as well reason that Brady kept Bridget out of convenience and by promising her: no baby yet but maybe later…. and kept her like this for three years although he always knew he would not ever want to have a baby with her.
    That is a very mean kind of deception as well because women are not able to have children all their life. The clock is ticking. Everyone knows that. So it is very mean to keep a girlfriend to keep you satisfied when you at the same time know that you have already decided that you will never have a family with her although that is what she hopes for.

    Who can tell it wasn’t like this?

    If men would tell their girlfriends after one year of relationship frankly and openly: “I will never have a family with you,” they would have much less sex. And that does not seem preferable for men. But that would be honest and upright. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to have children now/yet/ever but there is something seriously mean and evil about purposeful lies.
    (Maybe Gisele should read this part several times.)

    But people see and read what Brady does, the mud-slinging, the flaunting of his new squeeze, the deadbeat-dad-attitude and the creepy PR-moves as well as all the media helping Brady to sling mud at Bridget.
    That is why he is judged a jerk.
    Any baby deserves two caring parents. Sling mud at the then pregnant mother does not help at all. Only a coward attacks somebody who is weaker. Only the worst kind of coward attacks a pregnant woman. That’s it.

    Matter of fact is that the baby is there.
    So do you Bridget-bashing guys believe that a parent should take responsibility for his/her child or not? I bet the circumstances of the conception of a child pretty much don’t matter to the child when the child misses a parent.

    Don’t blame a child for the mistakes one or both of their parents made.

    As for adults: mistakes happen. Problems turn up. Fate is a b*tch
    But nobody is judget upon a bad fate but how he/she deals with it.
    Maybe somebody should tell that Mr Brady.

    Good news is that the original article by Mrs Eagan has been re-edited and is now published anonymously and does not blame any female celebrity to “glamorize single motherhood”.
    Nice to see that.

  8. In approximately 2 months the NFL season will close. Tom Brady & his parents (John’s OTHER grandparents who live in CA that Bridget ALSO won’t allow see their grandson) will then, via the law, have repeated visitations. Tom’s son is only a few months old, will be closer to 6 months old as Tom bonds with him. The following year may see shared custody, which is up to Tom, his lawyers, if they decide to seek.

    Bridget has been bashed from subtle to open in the media from coast to coast. She initially brought it on herself in emotional angst. The early Nov pregnancy at the end of a 3 year relationship she desperately didn’t want to end is hardly considered an accident by men or women. Documented continual statements by her to her friends that if Gisele had stayed out of the picture Tom would have returned is in the domain. The announcement of the pregnancy naming Tom as the father in a NY Post Gossip column in lieu of far more appropriate venues was merely another attempt to entrap. Bridget texted Tom in Paris giving him mere minutes to respond to the Post inquiries. Moving to CA late term knowing she wouldn’t work for months. Telling off Tom at the hospital, instructing nurses to only let him hold his son for minutes. Naming John with her last name. Just continued anger, resentment from her after birth.

    Tom has not said an unkind word about Bridget. He wouldn’t embellish to the Post. He steadfastly refuses to divulge anything about he & Bridget to endless media questions, only stating he was not aware she was pregnant when they split. It has been via his patience that they finally converse via phone.

    I don’t hate Bridget. As a woman, I recognize she loved this man, probably still does. Her plight has attracted hanger-on’s who love arguing, fighting in some thinly veined venue of women’s rights to just enjoying trouble. It will always be that way.

    Tom, Bridget will clearly continue conversing. The press will always attempt to learn, but these parents won’t divulge. As time goes by, John will obviously bond with both parents. Anger, disappointments will dissipate. A child is not personal property and I know Bridget realizes that. She and Tom have shown a mutual quiet for several months now. That is a welcome respite.

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