‘Green’ Celebrity Babies

Kelly Martin, 32, mom to 1 year old Maggie, makes her own baby food. “I try to cook everything myself, that way I don’t throw away any containers and I know exactly what she eats.” Which is 100% organic food, whole grains and “absolutely no sugar.”

What does Maggie like the best? Pureed sweet potatoes and pear oatmeal muffins. To make the baby food Martin steams organic vegetables, purees them, and freezes them in ice cube trays.

Sounds so easy and healthy! I have to admit, I bought the pre-made baby food-more out of convenience.

Below are some favorite Earth friendly products used by celebs:

People Dec 10 p.123

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  1. lucia

    I cook for my daughter, and she doesn’t want to eat fast food and she doesn’t drink sodas. We have to learn our kids to eat normal food and healthy food. I try my daughter doesn’t eat to much sugar!!! I totally understand Kelly! Good for her

  2. Anonymous

    wipes should be a focus too. Your baby is wiped 22 thousand times in their first 6 years. And the majority of wipes are made from petroleum based materials and toxic chemical cleansing solution. Elements Naturals is the best wipe out there. It’s compostable and turns into a nutrient for the soil (wet ones only).

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