Britney Spends Time With Sean & Jayden

Don’t you feel like you keep seeing the same pictures? I do…here are new photos of Britney spending time with Sean, 2, and Jayden, 1. The women with her look different, anyone know who they are? One must be the monitor.

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  1. Jen

    I’m not sure what recurring theme is worst: the boots or the wagon. Surely those children do more than just sit in a box when they’re with her.

    And I love how she’s never the one pushing them.

  2. Judy

    I love how she just walks around with everyone else taking care of them, texting away on her cell phone. Bleh.

  3. antigonie

    for someone who said (pre sp and jj) she wanted kids a few years ago when she first got married,she sure doesnt act like she wants her kids.

  4. Maru

    I think is nice she wants to spend some time with her kids…
    It seems like she really loves them…
    i think

  5. lanie

    That’s a digital camera in her hand not a cell phone, it looks like she’s reviewing pictures. I don’t really see anything wrong with what she’s doing looks like the kiddies are enjoying themselves, and why should she push them when she has enough money to hire someone else to do it for her. All she has to do is walk beside them and take cute pictures, I would love to have that luxury.

  6. gini

    Yea shes taking pictures and shes holding the older one as well…and so the kids are outside and seem to be enjoying themselves who cares whether they are in a wagon or not. Geez she cant do anything right…cant even take pictures of her kids without someone accusing of her not paying attention and just texting on her phone. Give the girl a least we see her with her children inlike loser K-Fed.

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