Abbie Cornish & Ava Phillippe Have A Blast Shopping

First off, I’ve only heard rumors that Abbie Cornish, 25, and Ryan Phillippe, 33, were dating, but I guess I missed something..because they are definitely a couple. In these pictures Abbie and Ryan’s daughter Ava are having a great time together buying a wreath (Ryan was in the car). I have never seen Ava smile so much.

See Ryan & Abbie get intimate after the jump



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  1. Yikes. Can you imagine how difficult that is for Reese? Apparently Ryan cheated on her with Abbie, and then to see the other woman having a good time with the kids? Ouch. That hurts me just looking at the pictures.

  2. Yes, but what’s also ironic, is that Ava is a spitting image of Reese, so Abbie’s *got* to be reminded of her constantly. Team Reese!! lol

  3. Uhm… what makes you so sure he cheated on her? I mean: Reese has been dating Jake for a long time and they are a couple now, right? Why shouldn’t Ryan have the same rights? Or did I miss an important fact? 8)

  4. Well, the rumor was that Abbie was the reason for the split bc Ryan cheated with her while making a film together and Reese found out.

    I have that same wreath!

  5. WOW. Ava doesn’t just look like Reese, she is a little Reese clone! Ryan has got to be reminded each time he looks at his little girl. If Abbie is the homewrecker I hope that haunts her too. But, Reese seems to have moved on and is happy, so all is well 🙂

  6. I think that if he cheat on her, the ones that must be feeling really bad are the kids, it’s hard to have your parents divorced, mines were and luckily they’re back together now

  7. Let’s just be happy they get along well. Reese is happy with Jake so is Ryan with Abbie. But looking back, the reason they split is Abbie…and his ego that she is earning more than him! Hhhhmmmppp and he didn’t even admit that he cheated on Reese and now that the divorce is over, he’s showing off his “new” girl….oh well as I’ve said let’s just be happy 🙂

  8. I feel so sorry for Reese. I feel bad for her. Apparently Ryan did cheat on her when he and Abbie were shooting a movie together. These pictures now confirm that they are a couple. Reese and Jake only got together quite recently. Ryan and Reese were a great couple, it was a shock when I heard they were splitting up. It must be hard on the kids. And it must be tough for Reese knowing that Abbie spends time with her children, with her ex-husband.

  9. Ok, so I’m way late to this, but I’m just seeing it. Ava is SO cute. She looks so much like her mother (Reese Witherspoon!).

    And on another note, I have to admit that Abbie and Ryan make a cute couple. 🙂

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