Brad Pitt Calls Angelina Jolie A “Fantastic” Mother

Brad Pitt acknowledged that he’s uncomfortable being a celebrity, during an interview with Larry King which airs tonight. In the interview, he gushes about what a wonderful mother Angelina is, how they want more kids, and how he can’t stand the paparazzi using his children.

“Well, I duck and jive,” he said about being in the spotlight. “Keep my head down.”

Celebrity, though, is useful when he can leverage it for a good cause, he added.

“The press uses me,” he said. “I use it.”

He doesn’t like, however, how the paparazzi use his four children.

“They call out my kids by name, shove cameras in their faces,” Pitt said. “… My kids believe that any time you go outside the house, it’s just a wall of photographers, people that take your picture. That is their view of the world. I worry about the effect it will have on them.”

Despite the unwelcome attention, Pitt told King that he wants more children with Jolie. “We’re just getting started,” he said.

He called Jolie a “fantastic” mother.

“Dedicated, kids first,” he said. “[She’s] really inventive and great fun to them and very, very protective.”

He and Jolie rarely argue, he said. “No, not really,” he said. “[We] challenge each other a lot. Have good fun with that.”

If they don’t want to be bothered, then stop making movies, and don’t put yourself out there-right smack in the middle of every major city (that’s my holiday stress talking).


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  1. J

    people should be able to choose the profession they want and where they want to live without their family’s privacy constantly being breached and their safety put at risk.
    that’s ridiculous.

  2. Maru

    How can she be soo beautiful 😀
    Shiloh is the most pretty baby ever, after Violet Affleck of course 😛

  3. haley

    i dont think stopping making movies is gonna stop paparazzi, they’re too famous already

  4. Cris

    I guess they’ve just found a solution to their problem. They moved to France where they can have the privacy they so much wanted. French laws are very strict when it comes to privacy -specially when children are at stake. I do think the papparazis are completly out of control in this country and it must really suck to be famous because they are in your face all the time.

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