Tom, Katie & Suri With Matching Haircuts!

Tom, Katie and Suri were in London yesterday sporting matching haircuts!


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Hmm… is it just me or is she really losing weight? She looks so old lately. Maybe it’s the horrible haircut? Or her horrible husband? 😉


She does look really thin in this picture.

Lora in Kentucky

I think all this fuss about her looking old is hoopla. She’s just grown up. We were used to seeing this teenager on TV and now she has a child which changes your body, mind and spirit. I think she looks great. Her and Tom look great and happy together. People are so critical.

That’s because she looks like Jackie O did…in the last decade of her life! The ginormous dark sunglasses, the perfectly tailored black or dark gray boyfriend pants, all the black jackets. It’s a very “old” look. No skin, no frills, no fun. Plus the chopped hair, a smile that always looks like she has a gun held to her back. Add it all up and it’s very odd for a woman in her mid-20’s to express herself like that. I mean, I’m certainly glad she’s not out tramping around like her famous peers and it’s wonderful that she is a… Read more »

My sister & I always say, what happened to the girl from Dawson’s Creek? She has been totally transformed. I am not a fan of the bangs, I liked the bob, but with longer bangs. It reminds me of Uma Thurman’s hair in Pulp Fiction.

Jen-I like the Jackie O comparison…I’m going do do a lookalike of the two of them 🙂


she really lloks thin.. i never realised….
Suri’s beautiful… as always 🙂
and tom… well, i don’t think he’s pretty, but he’s not horrible