Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Holiday Card

Us magazine debuts the family’s holiday card in their latest issue. The brown and cream card was desinged by “Kate”, what do you think of it? According to an insider the family will be spending Christmas in Telluride, Colorado.


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  1. Sandra

    Eh…nothing special…wonder how Nicole feels about her kid’s names appearing on the card as though they’re a family of 5. Hopefully she sends out holiday cards too!

  2. Maru

    The card looks beatiful, it’s nice from Kate to include the names of the all Tom’s kids.

  3. MyLyn

    Does she think Kate sounds more sophisticated than Katie?

  4. Jen

    I don’t think she has a say in what her name is. Tom came right out and said “It’s Kate. Her name is Kate now.” shortly after they were married.

  5. Yuli

    I have not seen Tom or Nicole with Bella or Connor for a very long time….. I thought that they forgot their 2 addopted children…. Especially Tom, since he has his daughter Suri.

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