Katie & Suri Shop At The Grove

Yesterday, Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri spent the afternoon Christmas shopping at the Grove shopping center in Hollywood. You can see the bodyguard who stood lookout for paparazzi with a towel and large golf umbrella-but it seems they got some shots anyway. Katie shopped at: Pottery Barn Kids, Baby Gap, and the American Girl doll store. Notice how her pants are really long? Is this the style? I’m so out of it!

Pacific Coast News


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  1. “Bodyguard”? Try scientology watchdog. She goes nowhere without some of the “church” guards watching her. Whether you see them or not, they are there, ALWAYS. Katie does NOTHING without their consent and their supervision. That’s a fact. Tom Cruise and all of the other members of his cult are sick, twisted individuals. That, TOO, is an undisputable fact.

  2. Ugh! I hope that’s not the style. All I’m envisioning are women and their $500 pants getting dirty and trampled all over Hollywood, just for the sake of “style”. Yikes.

    I’d also have to say that’s probably the Scientology observer. So bizarre.

  3. She’s been wearing her pants way too long and way too wide-legged for some time now. They aren’t flattering on her. The most “natural” I’ve seen her look was when she ran the NYC marathon. The rest of this over-glammed, over-done stuff is out of character. She was on Dawson’s Creek for crying out loud! I still say that she looks like she’s playing dress-up. So bizarre.

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